Craving & Missing

Last nite, at around 2.30am i woke up and walked straight towards the fridge. Looking for something to eat, i went for the sambal belacan that i made earlier. oh no. my childhood bad habit has returned. aaarrgghh... pls no. when i was a little kid, i have this bad habit of stuffing the sambal into my pocket to bed, so that i can eat it later. and last night it happened again. i love eating those anchovy + shrimp paste + chiliessssss (at least 7 cili api), especially if it's mix with the young mangoes ... and last week, i ate sago with the belacan every night. Life is treating me really well.

Recently, i also missed my drinking and watching the band days. I still go when i have the chance. erm.. i went only twice this year.. that bad huh??! hehe.. i have a commitment right now and some goals to achieve. After achieving that, i can buy my own club. haha
Craving & Missing Craving & Missing Reviewed by princessren on September 14, 2005 Rating: 5

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