Dear Me...

Somebody's life is much worst than yours. so stop complaining and just do what is right.
Somebody may decide to commit suicide today, but u still have your beautiful life to keep.
Somebody's problem is much much bigger than yours.
Somebody just know that they are going to die in 3 months.
Somebody's face is on the front page of a newspaper today.
Somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, sigh...
So, your life is not that bad...

Always smile like you always do. Success is just around the corner. U just have to wait few more months. You have gone through 4 years for this. Do not give up now. it may seems that a lot of people doesn't like what you do but u know that it's because they care about u so much. it seems difficult now but you have gone through much much worst than this. so, keep your chin up. when you decide to go along this path few years back, you saw a vision and you always hold on to it. Maybe a lot of people doesn't see your long term goal, but then always remember that you will smell that great success soon.

Just remember that your life is fucking brilliant. :)


p/s: go go chaiyo
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