Do more, pay less

You must be wondering why i'm still in the office at this hour? A client called at around 6pm asking if we can accept another project? Within an amount of budget, they want us to do a lot things ~ english & malay version, 2 websites in 1 (meaning 4 sites.. malay included), web aplications, applications, applications, etc... within few days. i'm having bad headache right now, coming up with the quotation and a mock up page.

Doing this like almost 100 times and still i find myself with butterfly in my stomach. i need to finish this soon or i won't be sleeping in days.

Nevertheless, i will update this blog everyday. No worries. I will still YM my friends if possible. I try to look at the bright side of life as usual.
Do more, pay less Do more, pay less Reviewed by princessren on September 12, 2005 Rating: 5

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