Not too distant future

Here are my licenses wish list. Things i will achieve soon, i hope. 'Soon' might be 1 year .. 2 or 3 years, but achievable. erm.. if you're wondering what is that kinky sound, just scroll down to '18SX - Pornstar Fantasy Camp' ...

  • Pilot license
  • Driving license (erm, can i get Brad Pitt to teach me driving ar???)
  • Shooting license
  • Cock fighting license (guess not.. that's cruelty to animal)

boring kan my blog. i will write something when i'm not too bz ok. or something funny??? anywayz, don't forget to sign the SPCA petition, ok. hv a nice evening.

Not too distant future Not too distant future Reviewed by princessren on September 13, 2005 Rating: 5

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