O Mr. Johnny, Where Art Thou?

This morning as usual, i will go and see how my Mr Johnny is doing. And to my surprise, the cage was empty and the door was wide open. Oh Mr Johnny... why?? why now.. you go without saying anything or showing any sign that you're going to leave. ish sedih giller tau. Kat luar tuh memang dia akan mati punyer laaa. i saw a lot of mouse poisons on the stairs. That could kill him instantly. I know i will never found him because hamster can do this big trick of disappearing into thin air. Seriously. My previous hamsters also did the same (Mr. Starch and Mr. Big)...

Mr. Johnny, pls come home. If any of you found him, saw, smell or anything with your 5 senses, pls just let me know. I miss him so much. His wife (mummy) and 5 kids (1 week old) are also missing him.
O Mr. Johnny, Where Art Thou? O Mr. Johnny, Where Art Thou? Reviewed by princessren on September 19, 2005 Rating: 5

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