People who did this to the tiger should rot in HELL...

Source: theStar

There i said it. I'm sorry. It's just that i'm so angry. There are certain things we really could not comprehend. But it's true that when there are demands, there will be suppliers too. So, do your bit today. Remember, the kiling will stop when the buying stop. You want to make a difference, please sign the SPCA petition here.
People who did this to the tiger should rot in HELL... People who did this to the tiger should rot in HELL... Reviewed by princessren on October 15, 2005 Rating: 5


黄德峻 said...

is that tiger?

princessren said...

yup it's a tiger. looks like killing a human being huh? it's on the front page of theStar today.

K Fitt said...

siap dah letak dlm fridge lak tuh...dia nak buat sup rimau kot

yang aku hangin nya bila baca statement ni

'It is an offence to possess tiger meat and an offender could be jailed up to five years or fined up to RM15,000.
Each animal is said to fetch between RM20,000 and RM30,000.'

dah tau harga dia 20-30k, saman la sampai 60k...baru la dia tak buat lagi

princessren said...

betul tuh.. betul bangang jugak.. sama laa dgn case yg breeder seksa binatang tuh .. fine RM200 jer.. sometimes i wonder why they always allow people who does not know anything about the animal to make the law pun aku tak faham laa.

Anonymous said...

i wish, they die in a freak accident, or die tortured. n then dumped into hell. then, a tiger comes along, and slaughter them. then, they turn are back to their normal selves, n then tortured and slaughtered again.

oh, i prefer the skinning alive method

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