Puppy for adoption (Urgent)

I'm doing a favor for a friend. Please help.

Hi everyone...
This is a puppy which was found abandoned and is now being fostered in Bangsar. Please assist in rehoming the puppy to a good and loving home asap. If she is not adopted within this week the puppy may be sent to SPCA where she might be put down due to lack of space.

Breed : Appears to be Husky mixed (Light grey eyes, soft fluffy brown fur with lighter brown markings)
Gender : Female
Age : 7-8 weeks old ( 2 months)
History : Found abandoned close to Bangsar Baru. Dewormed but not yet vaccinated.
Contact person: Edward Lee
Contact number : 012-295 0340 ( anytime before 11pm)
Email : edward.lee@nexnews.com

If you know anyone who may be interested in adopting, kindly forward this email to them.

For all enquiries in relation to the puppy please email or call Edward Lee. This puppy is for adoption only. For other adoptable rescued dogs/puppies please click on this link: http://doggie.fotopages.com/

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Inn said...

if im allowed to keep a dog, i'd definitely take this one up. i like dogs but i cant keep one.

princessren said...

hi inn. glad that you're here. i know i asked this oredi in john's blog,, nih intan nahariah yek? pls do keep in touch, yeah. :)

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