woot! woot! check out the new Video ipod...

erm.. looks like i'm going to save money for this baby. but if someone wants to buy me this tool, i'll serve you for life. haha. Check out these features (cool or what):

~ 6.35cm colour screen, is 30% thinner

~ 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos or over 150 hours of video and is available in a 30 gigabyte model with a 14-hour battery for $299 and in 60 gigabytes with a 20-hour battery for $399 (in RM, convert sendiri lah)

~ iTunes 6 - allow fans to download and buy 2000 music videos and six short films from Pixar Animation Studios for $1.99 each

~ support the MPEG-4 video standard, meaning users could view home movies and other unencrypted videos on it.
woot! woot! check out the new Video ipod... woot! woot! check out the new Video ipod... Reviewed by princessren on October 13, 2005 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Mary this gedabak ipod no longer popular dah.... these days people go for ipod nano... check out this website http://www.macasia.com.my/hardware/music/index.html it comes either with 2GB or 4GB i love the black color, almost want to buy it, tapi bila tengok the actual one dekat mac store it is damn too small and tiny nak navigate pon susah but the display looks cool.

Well i suggest better buy the gedebak one and kalau ada duit go for special edition the black color with U2 signatures at the back. They called it U2 special edition.

princessren said...

wei nih baru launch laaa.. this is the latest 1 laaa.. hehe ..U2? tak minat laa mamat. i'm eyeing that ipod nano as well but c how lah. :)

Anonymous said...

You mean ipod photo, ipod photo different in screen, it has colors. Tapi ada jugak ipod special edition yg u2 tu.

princessren said...

oh yeke.. laaa. never mindlah.. but anythign that can dwld videos is ok with me. bleh tgk dlm bilik ker,etc etc. but like i say.. c how lah..

princessren said...

u sure this thing is not new ar? maybe upgade kot. wualan .. i'm so not up-to-date lah. nway, chk out this link.. http://www.newsday.com/business/ny-bzipod1014,0,2470577.story?coll=ny-homepage-mezz or you try to google ipod on google news.

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