Yesterday's game

i tried my best not to talk or even think about it today. liverpool? What happenned??? 4-1? it was a big dissapointment. The 1st half i thought it was still ok, except for the boo-boo that Traore made. Bodoh.. stupid...bangang. i was so angry. y lar. why of all places did you do that? I hate the smirk on Lampard's face. And Drogba, congratulations. You definitely deserve the Best Actor Award. so sorry for chealsea fans out there. Now, i'm officially chealsea's biggest hater. I don't necessarily hate them, but i wish that somone would topple them from the number 1 spot anytime soon, please. dahlah spend too much money on players, which some are unnecessary i think. and somebody told me, i don't know whether it's true or not - that they charge the admission fee for the disadvantage people as well. Contrary to liverpool, the admission is free for these people. What laa... it's like they spend too much money, and now they don't even have like a business plan on how to get the f**cking $$$ back. and don't let me start with the 3rd and the 4th goal.. i even dream about it last night. *sigh*

Rafa... something wrong with your formation last night. shouldn't use that. i don't know what were u thinking but don't worry i'm still 1 of your biggest fans. But then again, it does not matter, (oh well, a little bitlah, it's a matter of dignity, u know), just wish that they can get more points to go up the ladder. but hey, try to look at the bright side. There are more games to come. In the end, Chelsea will loose to somebody. gosh i can hear Mourinho boasting about the last night game in my head. aaaarrrgh...
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