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Sometimes, i think that it's really sad to see that the bar is continually being raised on the physical characteristics to define beauty. Just look at all those advertisements - emphasize on whiter skins and smooth silky hair. talking about the hair, where on earth can you find that kind of hair on the street. have you? and what's with the fairer skin? those models are already fair anyway. TV should teach us and our kids to love ourselves. Sigh...

Last Thursday, at 11.45pm i saw the Extreme Makeover on 8tv. I didn't expect the show would move me to tears. Yeah.. i'm a sensitive person. i'm nothing against plastic surgery. Contrary to another makeover show, 'I want a famous face' shown on MTV (all the people featured in this show are beautiful people who are never satisfied with what they already have. i just do not understand it sometimes), the people in Extreme Makeover are people who really need the procedure. I think it's not just the miracle, but the choice of candidates featured on the show. People whose life has been scared, and suffered shame and insecurity. Some of the patients in this show were truly suffering from deformities of the sort that was affecting their entire life and well being as well as self esteem. And after the makeover? I just could not believe what technology can do today to achieve somethings. Remarkable i would say.

But what makes me kinda cried sort of, is that the sincereness when these people saying thank you to these doctors. OMG you should hear they said it, and the huggings. It's like they have been waiting for that moment all their life. It's like looking at light for the first time after been in the dark for so long.

but inspite of all this, we just need to learn to accept ourselves first. thats often a difficult process because it means facing up to things that you are made to feel afraid of because of how some petty minded people think about how you look and make you feel worthless in this world.

The world will be a better place when people stop judging and all of us learn to love each other. I guess that my main point here is that people should see more of the inner beauty, something that cannot be bought, inherited or sold, its something that you are born with, it's inside everyone of us. To discover it is a long learn lesson in life. But when we do discover it, it will be your source of inspiration and the heart of every human.

Below are some before & after gallery from the show (miracle kan?):

Source: Extreme Makeover
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Anonymous said...

inner beauty doesnt sell

princessren said...

yes it does. just look at Oprah Winfrey. besides, outer beauty can't last forever. when you're old it's the inner beauty that counts.

Anonymous said...

aku rasa tgk kat whoopi lagi bagus example. kuikuikui.. anyway, me oso sensitive. semalam tgk growing up wild kat animal planet. sedih... really touched. i'm such a sensitive kinda guy... any hot single girls out there in need of a sensitive guy?

by the way, tadi aku pi klinik haiwan. ada this dog, kena spay jumaat lepas. n then, tuan dia bawak pi klinik, pasal stitches dah terbukak, n isi perut terkeluar. that dog gigit stitches sampai terbukak n makan isi perut dia. urghh!!! aku rasa macam nak pengsan je kat situ

黄德峻 said...

both equally important

princessren said...

ajeep : OMG.. stiches terbuka? oh man. that hurts. muaaaaaaaaaa.. nih yg takut i nak bawa si Ren & Princess pergi spay nih.. but for their health sakes, we hv to. :(

黄德峻: hmm... yeah sometimes. :)

Anonymous said...

doctor tu cakap, very very rare ada case macam ni. selalu kucing tak sampai tahap gigit stitches. dogs je, i think.

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