Food for the soul II

Source: The Interview with God (click on view presentation)

Someone gave me this link few years back. Something to think about, regardless of what your religion, whether you believe in God or not. Hope that the inspiring presentation will touch somebody's life. Kinda therapeutic actually, especially with all the hard days work, the stress plus the pening pening yang tak hilang nih... sigh.

That they get bored with childhood,
they rush to grow up,
and long to be children again.

As far as i can remember, i never get bored with my childhood. I love being a kid. When i was in primary school, I spent most of my days at school because i love being with my friends, and me end up in taking 5 days co-curriculum. It was like basketball on Monday, indoor game on Tuesday, traditional dance on Wednesday, English Club on Thursday and badminton on Friday. and then the next year different activities, Scout on Monday and so on. And my school is next to a church and a grave. Believe it or not, the grave used to be my playground ~ playing hide and sick. The nun used to scold us that we will return there someday and reported the whole thing back to my mum. hehe. Sigh. It is true that we were a lot braver when we were a kid. Nothing scares us back then. I'll blog about it later or maybe when i'm going back next month i'll take some photos of my school and the grave. Looking at it now, it's kinda scary, really.

Secondary school was no exception. Let's just say that i love being in school. I only ponteng sekolah sekali jer. And the reason why i never do it again, i'll blog about it later too. Sigh. It was like biller orang tua cakap, itu Tuhan nak tunjuk tuh. So maybe you guys can get the picture what happened to me masa i ponteng tuh. Kelakar jugak but tak buat lagi dah, except for when i was in PPP. Well, that's another story pulak.

Life is a lot tougher now. Sigh... everything seems not to go right. Feels like i'm living neither the present nor the future. Stuck in this frame of time.
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Anonymous said...

Life is a bit different now :) Have to agree. BUT! The fun kinda never stops though :)

Weh... ko main2 kat grave... nanti orang dalam grace soh dia tiba tiba... kan ke susah

anywayz.... MARY! Tolong kasik aku ko nye tempat buleh ke. hehehehehehe :D malas nak customize sendiri nye :P

princessren said...

huh? tak faham lah jawa.. tpt aper nih? aper ko nak customize? kureng faham la mamat. heheh.... u mean my blog ker? u want to contribute? is that what u mean?

shell said...

my primary + lower secondary school has been torn down few years back. now I just have memories of my former school in Muar, which i loathed. :P

i too wish i never grow up. That's why i go back to study. and now.. i'm freaking out to go back to motherland.


A. S. said...

hahhaa....biasa la...
kau tu .....workoholic giler....
mesti la rasa stuck in time...cuba buat yang dramatik skit....
wind of change ker.....?
ooo..kau nak balikker holiday next what..week ker??
hahaha.....kirim salam kat mak...

take care.

princessren said...

Shell : i'm thinking of furthering studies before this. It's just not in my plan at the moment. Maybe later in life when i'm ready. but hey, u do enjoy urself there right? lagipun, 2 more months. I bet when u return here, u will definitely miss German, for sure. hehe

Arief : i balik next month, for sure, as usual, every year. soon, it will be christmas and the new year party and head back to work again. sigh.. mcm boring sungguh lah.

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