hmm.. got the infection from Rabbit. i have to state 5 weird facts about me. erk... that's the hard part because i don't know myself sometimes. but nevertheless, here goes:

  1. love to eat everything with belacan including egg
  2. i'm not allergic to anything except when i was a kid, i was allergic to 'umai' (melanau, raw fish). i force myself to eat the thing until i'm not allergic and i was 5 yrs old back then. Thank God, now, i can eat anything.. hooray. erm... this can be weird, right? izit?
  3. i can laugh at anything even if your joke is not funny
  4. i can live without tv for 2 years (an experiment few years back)
  5. the only comic that i used to keep is Doreamon. i have all of them until my small cousins borrowed and never return them. now, i'm reading Sinchan... used to read my brothers spiderman comic too.

Phew... difficult. difficult. lots of weird things about me, but i only know it until somebody tell me. now, i'm going to infect:

  1. Arief
  2. Eddie Ramonez
  3. Shell
  4. John
  5. Agus

TranslationRules: Post 5 random and weird facts about yourself, then at the end, list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect. Also, leave a post to these people letting them know they have been infected.

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Gazard7 said...

These facts show that u r a kind person, because u can laugh even at not-funny joke!

live without tv for 2 years? never have chance to experience that, wonder wat happened to u... hehe!

黄德峻 said...

u're allergic and you force youeself to eat?

princessren said...

gazard : yup no full access to tv for 2 yrs. maybe i watched like < 10 times for that 2 years. i freelanced back then. so my source of entertainment was reading the newspaper. but i did it. not gonna live like that anymore. pros and cons.

黄德峻 : i think back then, i already figured out that everything that happened around us are all in the minds. fact is, i love to eat umai. and back then, everytime i eat it, my whole body and tongue would be swollen and have difficulty breathing. but then i tried to eat it bit by bit until my system can accept the food. weird huh? nasib baik tak mati. now i know a lot of ppl died because of allergy. serious stuff... glad that my allergy was long gone. :D

Jellyfish said...

hi there... i cam here from agus blog :)

so u keep doramon and shin chan?
so do i!!! :P

i have both doraemon & shinchan books and vcds

me so kiddy :P

Wu, CanRou said...

Oh! Oh! More people playing the infected tag game! Hahaha...

Anyway, I am one of the very few Malaysian who don't have a TV at home. 2 years? Kacang. LOL

zhuchangfen said...

Wu CanRou is one of those who contribute to low TV/population statistic in Malaysia...LOL!

Anonymous said...

sinchan rocks

princessren said...

jellyfish : hehe.. i know a lot of ppl are keeping those comics as well. yeah very kiddy. evry now and then , i borrowed sinchan from my little cousins and i tried not to miss the show on Saturday.

Wu, CanRou : hehe.. u don't have tv at home? how come? seriously, i don't want to live without tv anymore. my brain became really numb after a while.

Zhu, ChangFen : hehe.. yup. i'm not in the statistic anymore.. yeayyyyyy

ajeep : yeah sinchan roawwckkkk.. gatal giller budak tuh. datuk dan bapa dia pun gatal.. hehe..

Wu, CanRou said...


Apparently TV has the opposite effect on me. My brain will be come numb if I have a TV at home. lol

princessren said...

hmmm weird. eh now that's weird. i should've tag u then.. hehe

Wu, CanRou said...


That would be strange because I was the one who tag 黄德峻. Oh! No! That would mean I could have been infected twice! Ahhhrrrr!

Good thing I throw in the 6th fact then. That really shield me from being infected twice. Hehe...

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