Liverpool 0 - Real Betis 0

Mama... please wake me up at 3.oo am later? got game this morning. ish aper menyeksa diri nak tengok bende camtuh? esok u bukan kerja ker? alaaa dah biasa ma. boleh bangun punyer. tengok-tengok, my mum forgot to wake me up. my alarm clock plak, fail me again. sigh... this morning game was a draw, but at least, we remain the top of Group G, 1 point above Chelsea. :D Guess who's the man of the match? Peter Crouch. i was thinking, it's a good thing that other people look down on him or say bad things about his goal drought. with that, people won't concentrate on other players, which make our players can concentrate more on the game. ada betul ka? hehe.. i love u liverpool. so much. u guys just keep on winning, ok...

saw this in someone's blog. interesting concept really. very funny. check it out:

In the year 1981
1. Prince Charles gets married
2. Liverpool wins the European Cup
3. The Pope dies

In the year 2005
1. Prince Charles gets married
2. Liverpool wins the European Cup
3. The Pope dies

Conclusion: In case Charles will ever get married again and Liverpool makes it into the finals, someone should inform the Pope !!!

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Liverpool 0 - Real Betis 0 Liverpool 0 - Real Betis 0 Reviewed by princessren on November 24, 2005 Rating: 5


A. S. said...

better rest la..hahaa..gud la..balik kampung. present takder ker?

open house...oooo...hahaaa.....

princessren said...

yeah i will. soon. nd to finish werksz first. nd to .. nd to... get some sleep. zzzzzzzzzzz...

ZMM said...

you actually forsaked sleep for a football match?? *slap hand on forehead*

Jack Golf Addix said...

wei liverpool memang classssss. good game and the way they controlled the game was fascinating. and yet alonso is not playing. I now hereby declared those guys are now totally blended together and one day Crounch will definitely gets the goal he dearly wanted. aisey....besok tidur kat hospital wooo. bini wa mau bersalin c section at columbia asia hospital miri , any lucky guess , boy or gal ?

Ahmad Javanese said...


draw lagi kaaaa

heard the news but have to say Crouch's goal drought is getting kinda serious

tak lama mati kekeringan mamat kurus tinggi tu kang


I lub U marry

weh! Pi la blog aku!!! :D

tq tq

princessren said...

Zara's Mama : yes i did that. hmm.. worth it if liverpool wins. hehe..

Golf Addix :
hehe.. liverpool mmg class giller.
congratulations. u're in Miri? hmm... u know, i can guess it right if i look at the tummy. seriously. well, if i were to make a guess, it's a girl. nway, congratulations again. another tiger wood or michelle wie on the way, huh?

Jawa : wei.. aku chk ko punyer blog everyday laaa.. karang i comment. been bz lately. pening kepala aku. heheh.. and crouch? mmg laaa serious but he will eventually scoer. but that is not important. the important thing is that he brings trouble to the other team which is good for liverpool. i can't explain it here but if u see the game u'll know what i meant. :D

Wong Ah Beng said...

liverpool werld!

bertique said...

another liverpool fan i guess?

what's ur verdict on liverpool performance for 05-06 EPL, as well as Champs League ??


princessren said...

wong ah beng : livercool domain rawckzzzzzzzaaaa!!! hehe

bertique : yup another liverpool fan and lots of us out there...

liverpool going to be in the top 3 of the EPL and they'll be in the final CL. i'm not good at predicting things but if u know liverpool, they never cease to surprise their supporters and the critiques. remember the final CL (liverpool vs AC Milan)? It was labelled as the best FINAL in the 25 years of UEFA. i hope that gerard will hold the CL cup again. but i tak berani nak betting dgn sesaper... nanti jadi mcm World Cup 97... habis duit belanja the guys.. hampeh. hehe..

in the EPL, liverpool has been winning in the last 4 games.. another 2 games against MC and sunderland, mesti kacang punyer lah. that'll b enough 4 them to be in at least the top 5. in CL, next, liverpool will b against chelsea. my verdict: 3-2... haaha...

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