Liverpool 3 - Wigan 0

yesterday's game was splendid. good team performance, good defence, good passing... i didn't complain about the players at all yesterday. normally, when i watch the game, there would be the sighing, haiyak, wtf... yesterday, EVERYONE played really well. i'm so damn proud of my team.

And Crouch? yes, crouchy. heheh.. he finally end his goal drought. received lots of smses from friends yesterday. hehe... erm, maybe the first goal does not count but the 2nd goal confirmed that he score the goal. like i told u before, i will cry if he scored. well, i did. so so happy for the guy. everyone, in fact, the whole world i think is delighted for him. hope that he will score more goals after this. i don't know why, but i did clapped my hands for him and almost did gave him a standing ovation. tapi kene restrained myself as i watched the game at the coffee shop last night. hehe. oh man, i just wish that i'm at anfield. i will, sometimes next year...

we might have score more than 3 yesterday. maybe 8 if we covered all the missed chances. sigh. tapi takper. janji menang and keep it something to nil. arsenal lose to bolton yesterday. that makes us no. 3 now in the EPL. cool... by that time, i was watching the game at home, hoping that bolton will just focus on their defence to keep the 2-0 score. well, i didn't watch MU vs Portsmouth that later on. was really tired, but still hoping for a miracle for portsmouth. sigh, MU beat them 3-0. Chelsea's next for Liverpool in the Champion League, Wednesday at 3.30am. sigh... i'm in Kuching. let's just hope that they have ESPN in the hotel. ceh.. what was i thinking? tengok dekat coffee shop laaa. duh...

last but not least, i would like to conclude it here: Chelsea (Lampard, Makalele), MU (Rooney), Arsenal (Henry) but Liverpool have everyone. am i right? this is the way i see it. hope that i'm not offending anyone, yeah...

Source: Premier League

Liverpool 3 - Wigan 0 Liverpool 3 - Wigan 0 Reviewed by princessren on December 04, 2005 Rating: 5


Ahmad Javanese said...

Mary ann

liverpool shall ride again


A. S. said... la..hahaa....emm..2 point only la..emm.. very Kuching..aaaa....hahahaa....okies..enjoy urself la...hahaha..

ok..take care.

JohnLabu said...

Mary, Peter Crouch pesan gambir sarawak 1 kilo

princessren said...

jawa : u'll never walk alone lah jawa.. hehe

arief : yup very close. karang, liverpool can be on top of MU for sure.

john : hehe dah beli dah 2 kilo. just in case nak perlu lebih kan? :P wakakakakkaka

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