Guitar Virtuoso

Guys who play guitar are the sexiest. A huge turn on and a good quality to have. erm.. you know, gosh i can't imagine what else that hand can do when they can play the guitar so good. Sometimes i wish i could sing and be musically attuned (thinking of taking up a guitar lesson this year). So enjoy the video clip above - Times Like These by Foo Fighters.
** drool **

Liverpool wins again last night, 1 - 0, against Spurs, thanks to Harry Kewell. The game was quite boring, but who cares when your team won right? Last year, i think i did mentioned to y'all that i will try to persuade my small cousins to support liverpool. So last holiday i managed to do just that. hehe... well i thought my 9yr old cousin, Cyrus, is an MU fan as the father is a die hard fan. Surprise, suprise, he's a liverpool fan too although the reason why is a bit funny. He chose Liverpool instead because he always lose to my youngest brother, Kid, whenever they play the playstation. isn't that funny? i don't know who created the game but everytime they play, Liverpool will win. hmmm.. i wonder if all they kids who play this will be liverpool fan? but what can we expect with kids right? they can only watch tv up to 10 pm and sometimes the game will be showed later at night. heheh.. yeahoo.. mission accomplished.

Guitar Virtuoso Guitar Virtuoso Reviewed by princessren on January 15, 2006 Rating: 5


Jack Golf Addix said...

Nasib baik I am not a musician. Anyway , men holding golf club is not a turn on kah ? he he he

princessren said...

hehe.. nasib baik tak? erm i'm not too sure of man holding golf club but guys who can play balls are a huge turn on too. I meant the guys on football field. :P

A. S. said... playing balls...emm..hahahhahahaon the futball field..ehh.....hahah....

Ahmad Javanese said...



Ummm... mmm

I play the guitar.





princessren said...

pyan: habis tuh yg i never missed the talent show masa kat U dulu pasal aper? ko ingat aku suka2 pergi yer? hehe..

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