Something about the eyes...

i was looking at my old album last night and notice there are changes to the eyes. the old eyes look innocent, still searching, a bit blur and trying to find answers in life. The current eyes look like i'm seeing too much (erm maybe not that much). i don't know. i just see that changes in myself (sorry, tengah merepek nih).

feeling really lazy today. i'm even lazy to think of anything new to do. sigh... adalah time tuh u feel so damn lazy. nak type nih pun i rasa malas. u get what i meant? nih nak pikir i dah ambil my vit C or not pun i rasa malas. nih nak ambil lagi sebab terlupa. paling teruk pun mungkin kene cirit-birit hari nih. aaaaaarrrrrggghhhh.. malassssssss.... listening to the same song the whole day sebab malas nak tukar. nih tahan kencing sebab malas nak pergi tandas. adoi.. malas tahap kronik. tomorrow, no more laziness.

Brokeback Mountain won some awards in the Golden Globe Award this morning. in case you guys don't know yet, this film will not be shown in Malaysia. Yeah nice try from the censorship board. aper nak worry. tonight i'm heading to my favourite dvd seller at the pasar malam.

bangang punyer Streamyx. slow nak mampos. now that is 1 thing that contribute to my laziness today. blame it all on streamyx.
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JohnLabu said...

malas nak pegi kencing... bahaya tuhhh... boleh kena batu karang nanti

Ayu said...

Life changed without us noticing ...

I still feel the same, i tot i looked the same.. but i guess not..

malas .. too ..

gus said...

What have you seen to have that innocence gone?

Adoi, jangan la tahan kencing...dah lah ter-cirit pepagi.

princessren said...

johnlabu : yer john. tau... ramai org cakap camtuh kat i :D

ayu : life is a mystery, i guess. the fact is that we all change.

agus : what have i seen? erm... nothing much. yeah morning have to go to toilet. makan camner pun everything have to go to toilet. sigh..

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