A Gift of Life...

Pledge your organs

If you want to donate organs when you die, the first step is to register yourself with the National Transplant Resource Centre.

Download the organ donor pledge form at the following website:

You can also call the toll-free line 1-800-88-9080 to ask for the form or visit the National Transplant Resource Centre at Kuala Lumpur Hospital or visit Transplant Resource Centres in Penang, Johor Bahru and Ipoh hospitals.

Organ donor forms are also available at most government hospitals and clinics. Mail the form to the:

  • National Transplant Resource Centre
    Kuala Lumpur Hospital
    Jalan Pahang
    50586 Kuala Lumpur

When the form is processed, a donor card will be posted to you. Don't forget to inform your family members about the pledge that you have made. To date more than 93,390 Malaysians (Chinese 63.7%, Indians 22.7%, Malays 10.5% and others 3.1%) have pledged their organs.

Source : NST April9, 2006

So y'all, donate your organs today and help to save lifes. However, please educate yourself more about organ donation before putting yourself in an extremely important decision for your loved ones. Make sure your family know. Being an organ donor is amazing because you know that part of you are still living in someone else. It does not cost you anything and how could you turn down the chance to be a hero? And most important of all, if my death could help somebody else to live, by all mean, i would present that opportunity for them. And if you have doubt whether you religion permit you to do this, read it all here.
If only 10 percent ... are willing to donate, there will enough organs ... to save another person's life. - Dr Lela Yasmin Mansor of the National Transplant Resource Centre (NST April 9,2006)
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Fadzli said...

Hey there.I was browsing my previous entries n stumbled upon ur comment.Was about the kid who sang Anuar Zain's song. Sure,take la..it's for public viewing anyway.Nice to know you..
p/s:this is the entry URL:


che'fara said...

hihihk.babe, i dah daftar dah jadik donor tuh since i was 18.
nak donate semua but except for skin.dunnow hy i dowan to donate skin.

tamau ar.takut.hihi.

princessren said...

fadzli : thx. just love that video. frequent ur site just to see that video. nanti got time, i'll post it here. so adorable...

che'fara : wah 18? wow. i'm impress. i pledged mine back in 2001. also like u, i pledged all except for the skin but then after few months i change to donate all. don't ask why i change my mind, i just did...

Anonymous said...

Hie there. :)

I'm working on an assignment to come up with a campaign, promoting this great cause. So you're a donor! That's really awesome. I'm wondering if you could help me out by allowing me to conduct a short email interview with you?

Please email me at cherylbca_25@yahoo.co.uk if you are willing to help.

Your kindness is very much appreciated. Thanks. :)

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