feeling tense and i will run some more....

Mr. Smith looking so cute with food in his mouth. Thank you for showing me how to run almost effortlessly and well with your running on the treadmill. Thank you for staring at me in the morning when i go out that door. I assume that as the look of motivation and your support towards me.

It's true when people say that running can make you forget all the problems in life. it's true that running gives you that 'live life to the fullest' feelings. it's true that with running, you want to be a better person and achieve more things in life. and it is also true that running gives you that deserving self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement. with that, i'm going to join another race this Sunday to show my support for our fire fighters :D

A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts. - Steve Prefontaine
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creativelydesigned said...

soooooo cute!!! geramnyer tengok!!!

Anonymous said...

eh, that 1 horny look ler... ahaks!

princessren said...

furbycutee : hehe he is cute. the other two female hamsters are cute too.

dsaint : OMG dsaint. can see that on his face huh? he IS 1 HORNY hamster. that's for sure... hehe.

che'fara said...

okkay. i geli sket dengan hamster.hehe.

i dono lah can go anot the race.my little brother went there as he wants to register for me nad him also.but they said that we need to register at the main headquaters.

so now am hopping for i can join the race.

*even tengah exam

i know ur sleeping skang nih, tapi tak kira, tolong doa gak for me to join the race.hehe.

*btw ur hamster adalah sgt cute cuma i hehe i dono.geli ah.

princessren said...

che'fara : takper u geli hehe.. some ppl geli sebab dia nampak mcm tikus. so ,i understand :D

Anyway, u and ur bro still can register lagi on Sunday before the race tapi u kene dtg awal gila laaaa... the race starts at 7am. TOday (saturday) pun u still can register. Not that late yet. kat jln maharajalela, the building behing esso/shell next to dewan bahasa & pustaka.... hope that u can make it. I'm going to run 10km this time...

princessren said...

che'fara : look out for me. my bib is B199 ;D . say if u run tomorrow don forget to say hi and run your best okay. good luck! for sure mesti u lari lagi bagus dari i... hehe.

TriStupe said...

these buggers will put in all the food in their mouth-pouches and then spit it out to eat it slowly. :P

i had like 5 hamsters at home...and yes, they could be inspirational..and irritating soemtimes.


princessren said...

stupe : haha those buggers eat, sleep, run on the treadmill, making babies (lots of em) drink, and make plans to escape :P

wah 5 hamsters? mix of male and female? i have 1 make and 2 females and the female just gave birth to 5 baby hamsters. hope that they survive it this time.

TriStupe said...

babe: yeap...eat-sleep-run-f-runaway-sleep

sound like some duathlon already ain't it?

one managed to escape and perhaps ended up as some cat's dinner.

they reproduced very fast, it is wiser to get hamster from two different shop because if you get it from the same place, chances of in-breeding will happen and the hamstee (an call baby hamster this ah?) will not live very long, or will end up with diseases.


Wendy said...

wah stupe, why got f in the middle now? hahaha

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