God, thank you for Steven Gerrard. Amen!

game started at 10pm last Saturday but my sister got to the tv before i did, watching whatever it is on Astro and not the sports channel. and i was sitting there waiting for her to finally give it up and go to sleep. by 10.30 baru boleh tengok game and i missed the carragher own goal. well, carragher i forgive you already. my brother joined me at around 11 after that. the score was 2-1 after the first half, thank you to cisse. and the 2nd half, goal by steven gerrard and by 90 minutes tuh, it was 3-2 in west ham's favour. masa tuh west ham's fan dah nak celebrate dah. me and my bro sighing tak habis habis. and the 3rd goal by stevie extra time, i cried. seriously i did. by that time, i knew that west ham had blew their chances to win the cup. if we ever get to the penalty, we will definitely win the cup and we did.

it was a good game by the west ham side too. what a remarkable game. tapi satu jerlah, liverpool got to stop winning finals in this way. i bet by 90 minutes tuh, somebody around the globe will either go to sleep or just switch off the tv. it happened when i watch the champion league final, kop vs ac milan last year. Lesson: always, i mean it, always watch liverpool game to the end... i salute the kop's never say die attitude. Stevie G, what an inspiring captain. he always scored at any final even if it's own goal. he always did. his energy is endless and his goal scorings are unbelievable. Thank you for a great game. YNWA... :D click here to see the highlights of the game.
"We do like to make things difficult for ourselves in finals and maybe it's not the best for my heart," Benitez joked.
Source : liverpoolfc
God, thank you for Steven Gerrard. Amen! God, thank you for Steven Gerrard. Amen! Reviewed by princessren on May 15, 2006 Rating: 5


TriStupe said...

and arse-anal lost to barce-lonely this morning...

jehns out to be shot for getting red carded...it was the turning point.

princessren said...

i donno why he did such a thing especially in finals? i bet arse-ne wenger bite his head off in the room after that... it was the turning point indeed... else, i swear that they cud win that cup.

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