my inspiration is myself.. hehe...

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really in a bad mood today. Boleh dikatakan tension tahap dewa and cipan. Sigh... kata nak balik an hour ago and i'm still here. OK dah nak balik dah. need to pep talk with princess... my shoe is giving me blisters... since the first i started running actually. i'll be reaching for the scissor to cut the blisters, i know, not a good idea but i'm tempting to do so. i tak tahan bende2 timbul atas kulit nih. maybe i should give more time for the shoe. yeah being a beginner who know nuts about shoes... i should bring along someone expert the next time when i'm buying a new shoe.

oh yeah y'all (hand hitting forehead), tomorrow is world cup. If you see no updates on this blog or me not online tomorrow, u knowlah i'm in bed sleeping the whole day, saving the energy for the 1st game.

my inspiration is myself.. hehe... my inspiration is myself.. hehe... Reviewed by princessren on June 08, 2006 Rating: 5


gus said...

Ah, you've got the fever, like the rest of the world.

Dangerous Variable said...

Oh well... don't be angry ler! Your blisters! Easy! Just take the needle and poke the damn thing. Then take plaster and paste your hearts out! It will be painful ler!

princessren said...

agus : yeah i hv the fever oright.. can't wait to say GOAL with the rest of the world :D

Dangerous Variable : pain is not in the mind anymore. been doing this since i was a kid. evrytime got blister, 1 cure jer.. poke the damn thing :D

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