50 marathons, 50 states, 50 consecutive days

ini dinamakan kerja gila. and my thighs still hurt from shopping the other day. hahaa... marathon is 42km/21mile okay and this guy going to do that everyday for 50days... normal people like us, okay maybe me, can think of doing 1 only per year... i remember after the pj half marathon, it takes me few days for me to go down the stairs properly. Otherwise, it looks as though i walk like a penguin. It is still far for me to run like the pros (somebody like Azwar, Carboman, Faie, Bacin, Wendy, Jack, etc etc). I believe if i put my mind to it, anybody for that matter, all of us can do it. It's just whether you have the will to do it or not. Before this, i don't believe i can finish a 10K distance. But this year i prove meself wrong. i hope to do my first marathon end of the year and when i'm 70 (if God's willing for me to live that long) maybe i can join the 100-marathon club... hehe.. yeah Mary, keep on dreaming.

if u ask me, "why runners run marathon?"... beats me i donno how to answer that. Maybe being called a marathoner is an achievement in itself. maybe it's a challenge. crossing that line makes u feel like u can achieve anything... it's hard to descibe it here. once u join 1, then maybe you know why people does it. It makes more sense to me now why people run. in the mean time, check out this site... The North Face Endurance 50. damn my thighs still hurt. i didn't know shopping can do this to you.. hahah... nih bende i curi dari blog orang seperti biasa.. hahah.. sharing the same sentiment...

Why Runners Run
I have seen their tortured faces
I have heard their pounding hearts.
I have seen heads bowed in the sorrow of defeat.
I have seen their hands hoisted in salute to the goddess of victory.
I have wondered why do runners run?
I have seen long lines running in the park.
I have seen them run to the accolades of a thundering crowd.
I have seen them run in the solitude of a rain-swept street.
I have wondered why do runners run?
Is it a burning inside or a thing called pride?
The search for an inner peace or the quest of a golden fleece?
I believe the gods decree that some people must run to prove that pain is fun.

The runners High
Its no longer sport,
No longer just a game.
It has become a way of life.

Every breath is a stride,
Every heartbeat a string of silence.
It is a compulsion from deep within.
It is a passion for glory.
To go through the torment.
To last through the waiting.
To gain that one moment,
Alone with myself.

And only the few,
Who chance to strive,
Can know the experience.
To hear nothing but breath.
To feel nothing but heartbeat.
To feel so much like hell,
Running so close to heaven.

This is the Runners High.

This is the feeling I live for.
This is the goal I strive toward.
If my chance disappears,
Part of my life would end.

Source : Simplicity


oh shite. liverpool vs maccabi tak main kat astro again... potong stim betullaaaa.. and i still say that liverpool deserves that penalty kick in the last liv vs sheff game... no matter what.. hahah...

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alooo...howdy...miss u guys...bz bz bz.....keep in touch ya!!! singapore dah register ke belom

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