Best & Worst Transfers of the summer


  • Paletta £2m - looks great so far
  • Ballack £free - used to like him, but no more, sigh... why? why? of all club u chose to go with Chelsea??? WHY?
  • Rosicky £7m - seems like an astute buy
  • Bellamy £6m - worth double IMHO, quality signing
  • Aurelio £free - class no doubt
  • Hamann £free - fair play Stuart Pearce
  • Duff £5m - fair play, he's worth that
  • Pennant £7m - English, already adapted to the Premiership, he support LFC. Do i need to say more?


  • Carrick £18.6m - he couldn't get a game for Spurs 2 seasons ago
  • Andy Johnson £8.5m - hahahaha
  • Heskey £6m - ouch
  • Chavshenko £30m - he's 30, and the appetite won't be there imo
Did I miss on anyone? It seems that all of our signings are the best so far . I may sound biased since i'm LFC supporter, but they are sure hell of a class signings. They are young and being in LFC, they can be world class players. We'll see how are their performances this season.

Chelseas has been spending lots of $ on buying players. Well, no surprise there but I hate the fact that Chelsea buy quality players and put them on the bench, eg : Shaun Wright Philips. I hope that Ballack made the right choice by going to that club. Sigh... Kaka and Roberto made the right choice by not going with Chelsea. Tapi kalu Chelsea nak ambil Roberto pun takper. hehe. the reason why, click here. anyway, like i say, it's going to be a fantastic season. Go Liverpool !!!

so far, there has been 4 friendly games and liverpool won 2 of the games. Takper, friendly jer... warming up and getting the new players to adapt with the team. Anyway, nih nak cerita nih. Really funny actually.. during the liv vs FC Kaiserslautern, Pepe Reina (Liv goalkeeper) played as a midfielder because of not enough players. Luis Garcia and Aurelio were injured half time, down with 9 players, Rafa had no choice but to put Pepe as the midfielder... hehe.. kelakar kan... hahah...

Pepe Reina today spoke about his 'debut' on Saturday as a midfield player and admitted he never realised how hard outfield players had to work until he stepped into their boots against FC Kaiserslautern.

With Luis Garcia and Fabio Aurelio both needing to come off with injuries during a frantic second half in Liechtenstein, Liverpool were down to nine men and Rafael Benitez had no option but to throw his goalkeeper into midfield with Robbie Fowler also being forced to return to the pitch despite being substituted at half-time.

"It was the last solution," Reina told "We only had nine men on the pitch and although it wasn't normal for a goalkeeper to play as a midfielder, I had to do it.

"Rafa asked if I would mind going on to help the team and I told him it was no problem for me. Did I enjoy it? I don't know - it was more difficult than I thought it would be.

"I never realised just how much the outfield players have to run around in an actual match. This was only a friendly match so I can imagine there's even more running around in a really important game.

"I had a great chance to score what could have been the winner at the time and I should have hit the target. I think the defenders hassling me before I could shoot put me off. You have to remember that I'm a 'keeper and not a striker! My other attempt though wasn't a shot though – it was a really good pass!

"In training I sometimes play outfield but it is very different in an actual match and now I understand how difficult it is to score a goal. It was good fun having the chance to experience playing as an outfield player but I'm looking forward to getting back in goal soon."

Source : liverpoolfc

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! That Roberto Carlos link was a real cracker!! I can't help but laugh out loud (a lil bit weird when I'm in the office full with people)

Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)

Hope Liverpool will do better this coming season. They need a great start to challenge for the title.

- G O R O - said...


Awak nie biased sgt.. MU beli carrick berbaloi aper...muda lagi 25! ader 5 seasons lagi untuk cemerlang, skills ader, bukan tipikal england. Chelsea beli Scvhenko pun berbaloi aper..Player paling byk menyumbat gol dlm champ league... Very sharp using his foot or head.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about The Rudd Diver? I think he'll have a jolly time warming the bench in RealM.

Anonymous said...

if u really want to win the league this season
u've got to ask rafa to get collymore and pair him up with fowler :D

Dangerous Variable said...

Hey, Jose is at it again... writing us Liverpudians off.... WTF.

He is always the sore loser... Champions league also tak da...

He should go fly kite!

- G O R O - said...

My last comment mcm pakai logic jer ek.. So skang nie, sebab aper MU berbaloi beli carrick? Distribution dia paling mantap dlm EPL...kalah makelele.. kita cakap pasal distribution sebab dia DMC merangkap MC...Dia ambitious, ada high level of composure, for sure dia muda lagi and bole develop, kadang2 nampak gelabah sebab flair dia kurang, Drible dia ok...
Mu beli carrick sebab:

1- MU xder DMC
2- Dulu nak essien, tapi chelsea dah angkat
3- Nak Gravesen, tapi xnak kuar budget lebih
4- nak mascherano, mahal sgt beb
5- Nak viera, tapi viera xnak...

A. S. said...

Futball fever all over again aaaa...

princessren said...

ally : he is.. isn't he? hehe... glad that u enjoy the pictures. Sigh, he should agree to go with Chelsea.

g o r o : yeah i'm biased and didn't mean to.. heheh.. i didn't say he's a bad player.. of course, being 25, he got all the skills, etc etc, but what i meant is that, he should not be worth that much. £18.6m is crazy...

lawrence : hahaha.. he will definitely. he's going down. serve him right.

khairold : maybe.. we going to buy anotehr striker. they still shush shush about it...

dv : sigh.. his statements showed that he's really afraid of liverpool. he is...

g o r o : hehe.. o . tgk comment i kat atas. kita tgk lah nanti mcm mana dia main yek :D

arief : dah nak start season EPL laaa. hehe...

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