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Finally, I decided to put a web analysis to measure traffics to my blog, after, mind you, 250 total of postings. Well, honestly, i'm not sure how many people are going to my blog and that made me curious recently after I got this email from a marketing company :

I would like to speak with you regarding promoting my clients' products and services relating to LiverpoolFC on your blog - Can you call me urgently to discuss?

I can't talk much about the product yet. After I got the greenlight from the company, then i'll blog about it. But the thing that struck me is that when they ask how popular is my website? Hehe... honestly i'm not sure. So after searching high and low, i decided to settle with Google Analytics. I should be stop guessing and use this tools instead. For now, I can't really talk much whether it's really that good or not sebab just installed it just now. You need to be invited though... get your invitation here. Installation is easy too. A 5 year old kid also can do it. Read all the features here.

ps: If you're a Liverpool fan and love to blog about them, please email me at or leave ur url in the comment section. I'm compiling a list :D

Perfect tool for your blog Perfect tool for your blog Reviewed by princessren on August 05, 2006 Rating: 5


Dangerous Variable said...

Hey, include me ler!

bola2api said...

dahsyat.. princess ren going global!

Gazard7 said...

Firstly, congratulation! That shows your blog is getting popular.

For web stat tracking, I would recommend statcounter as it is faster and simpler than Google Analytics.

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