There's no such thing as too late. That's why they invented death. ~From the movie Out to Sea

This uncle ran the 15K NB run and finished it. I remember when i did the PJ Half Marathon, there was a 60 year old aunty wearing the Thailand Marathon t-shirt. So I tegur lah. "Wah aunty u did full marathon last year?" And she said, "Yes I did. It was my ... marathon. (i dah lupa berapa... tapi banyak lah. tabik giller dengan aunty nih) U keep on running. Do not stop. You young people should be able to do this. We the old people only do this to get healthy now. My glory days had passed." And that just keep me going!

The 2 boys did the triathlon in Port Dickson recently. If a kid can do it, so can you. So, i'm doing this next year. Hopefully by that time, I can swim 500 - 700m non-stop, 20km of cycling and 5km running (yeah targeting the sprint distance). Yang penting, janji habis... (zailan, i curi ko punyer motto, hehe...)

This baby did the 3km fun run during the PJ Half Marathon. See, even a baby can do it. hehe... My point here is that running or any sports for that matter doesn't recognize your status, your age, race, the color of your skin, etc etc. And you can even start at any age. All the decisions are in your hand. You deciede what you want in life. Important thing is give your body a chance to lead a happy, healthy life. There's no such thing as too late. So people, join me running today! (all pictures taken from pacesetter's website. Sorry, tak minta permission pun)

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So, i'm doing my 2nd half marathon next month in Putrajaya. This time, I made some few friends (thanx to Azwar) and most probably will be running together with them. Which most probably, halfway through the race, I would say "weh korang lari dulu lah, tak payah tunggu i", as usual... hehe... like I say, this year, for me it's janji habis all the way.

And i'm planning to do my first full marathon end of the year in Singapore. I'm a marathon virgin yo. Thinking of doing my maiden marathon in KL International next year, but i just can't wait. Putrajaya is too soon for me. It's next month and not enough training to do full. Azwar mentioned that my daily 3.5K and 5K on weekends are not enough for marathon. So, i'm doing more and download some training menu online for guidelines (taken from Hal Higdon - Marathon training for novice). So this is my torture/my so-called voyage until end of the year. By Christmas time, i'll be kaput and most probably, sleeping the whole day. I might not be seeing the Santa Clause going down the chimney this year. hohoho ...

Most probably, i will not be doing the MPAJ 10K run this Sunday. Something came up.... sigh. There goes my training.

rest3 m run3 m run3 m runrest6
rest3 m run3 m run3 m runrest7
rest3 m run4 m run3 m runrest5
rest3 m run4 m run3 m runrest9
rest3 m run5 m run3 m runrest10
rest3 m run5 m run3 m runrest7
rest3 m run6 m run3 m runrest12
rest3 m run6 m run3 m runrest13
rest3 m run7 m run4 m runrest10
rest3 m run7 m run4 m runrest15
rest4 m run8 m run4 m runrest16
rest4 m run8 m run5 m runrest12
rest4 m run9 m run5 m runrest18
rest5 m run9 m run5 m runrest14
rest5 m run10 m run5 m runrest20
rest5 m run8 m run4 m runrest12
rest4 m run6 m run3 m runrest8
rest3 m run4 m run2 m runrestrest

the distances are in miles. 1 mile = 1.6km...

There's no such thing as too late. That's why they invented death. ~From the movie Out to Sea There's no such thing as too late.  That's why they invented death.  ~From the movie Out to Sea Reviewed by princessren on August 11, 2006 Rating: 5


fook said...

keep up with ur trainning ar,
so seeing u in putrajaya ya,
i also run 21k,
u can check my blog for updated run,
i also will run my virign marathon at Singapore,so we meet again there?
pj international i ll run full if only i break sub 2 in half marathon this year!,
good luck in all the run,
remember this,
run at ur own pace,
felt comfortable and enjoy the run!
all the best,

A. S. said...

Because I'm lazy and takut dahaga ..hahaa..i have joined F. limit for drinking ice lemon tea...hahaa..n sauna aaa....hihihi....esok Sunday.....masuk gym with wifey..hahahahaha

Ally-acin said...

caya la beb.. bila nak swim dgn aku.. hihihi..

bola2api said...


u tak jadi pegi the race this wkend?? I thought u were really looking forward to it.. sayang nyerrr...

Anonymous said...

Good for you Mary. That's the spirit. The semangat is memang VERY IMPORTANT in races. But on top of that you need a strong base as well. Concentrated on building your base (fitness) now. Don't worry about your time or trying to keep up with faster runners just do your own thing. =)

What Azwar says is spot on. 3.5-5k IS REALLY NOT enough for Marathons. Maybe you should try 5-6ks weekdays n 10ks weekends first. Then as you get stronger and fitter push it to 10ks weekdays and 15-20ks weekends. In marathons kalau you tak buat yr homework it really shows n you'll pay for it. Like the hardcore runners always say "Respect the distance".

But neways remember to enjoy yr training la. Kalau tidak cepat bosan n burn out easily.

Come run with us at Bkt Aman la. =)

Gazard7 said...

Amazing, that means running is suitable for all. I only jog once a week in a lake park these days, because of lazyness and haze out there.

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