• kinda miss my lil' cousins. spent most of my times with them back home last week... tapi 1 thing je yang macam hampeh biller dengan derang nih. Can lil' kids ask you the soalan cepu emas (hint : Ann, biller mau kahwin?) ... hehe. Dalam hati, takper takper.. nanti biller korang besar, i'll ask u that question evryday of your life until you got hitch.

  • thinking of changing the blog's layout again. Getting bored of the looks now.

  • Princess buat tak tau je biller dipanggil. even if it's 100 times... totally ignoring me. biller nak dimanja baru datang. So cute. hehe... Ren still not bored of playing fetch.

  • was at the Sure Heboh yesterday, under the hot sun... went to 1 for the first time last year and this time, i say that they spent less on the booth. macam tak banyak effort this time around except for the 2 tingkat hotlink booth. and please explain to me, why the hell our local artists always wear tons of makeup???

  • i'm not sure of my future

  • it's another week again

  • 4 more months to 2007

  • have you felt like you're on a crossroad and you're not sure of which path to take? i'm at crossroad now, and i'm there for so long now...

  • need to get back on the right track...

  • life should be simple damn it... not complicated

  • it's another boring weekend. blergh...
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