Well behaved cat for adoption. Pls help...

There is a male cat named Timmy whom is a stray and had been well taken cared. I think Timmy is approx 1 year old and had been neutered. Timmy is very well behaved and toilet trained. As you can see from the pictures, Timmy is quite a looker too. Handsome and shows himself well. He's the talkative type, always wanting to have a chat with you. Timmy is good natured and is able to get along well with other cats. Reallly enjoys a good and challenging play session.

Minimal adoption fee, RM40 to cover cost for neutering.

Please give this cat a chance to have a loving home, so please spread the words around to your friends.

For more info, please email to mintaksinggit@yahoo.com
Thank you.
Well behaved cat for adoption. Pls help... Well behaved cat for adoption. Pls help... Reviewed by princessren on September 13, 2006 Rating: 5


Gazard7 said...

This is really a handsome cat! He can even go Hollywood, haha! Too bad some of my housemate scare of cat.

princessren said...

gazard : wah can go hollywood kah? hehe.... if he has special talent yeah he will. maybe talking too mcuh will get him thru :D

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