The key to life

Enjoy a great message from Will Smith to the kids. Really inspirational too. Listen to what he has to say about running and the person who works the hardest, WINS. And don't forget Liverpool vs Blackburn game tonight at 10pm. We have 3 injured players : Sissoko, Kuyt and Agger. Sigh. 2 boring weeks and finally, come back on track.
There is no point in doing anything. Our destiny has already predetermined our each and every move. But if we don't move, don't try, don't do anything, then our destiny's are all going to be the same. ~ Brenden Kidd
The key to life The key to life Reviewed by princessren on October 14, 2006 Rating: 5


spiller said...

bah.. a draw! boring la.. other Big 3 all secured 3 points and what did we got?

a freakin draw!!

damn bengang.

Anonymous said...

it just isn't our season at all... we wasted too much matches already and it's time to buck up or kiss our league title good-bye !


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