Tell me, what are you waiting for

Just got to know that Dean Karnazes has a blog and he's blogging on his ultra-marathon quest even as we speak. As of now, it's 24 down and 26 more to go... Very inspirational indeed. Click the banner to know more... If a person, maybe not as powerful as any leaders in the world, but if this person can change people's mind to do good things, that i think, is more powerful than any leaders in the world combine.

I'm having runner's high and knowing this guy even lifted it higher. hehe... only a runner will know how it felt like to have such a feeling and to understand more read it all here and here. So, what are you waiting for : JOM LARI LAH WEI !!!

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spiller said...

run Forrest. run.

You'll Never Run Alone. :P

Anonymous said...

there is that loneliness of the long distance runner. but how to run now, you'll get sicker instead of healthier. me, just do the required minutes on the treadmill, enough la.

che'fara said...

runner's high? nyeh nyeh nyeh.

five bontot sket!

princessren said...

spiller : hehehe i wish i can run like him.

kelabu : maybe not now, but today i can see klcc again. wat a sight.. meaning i can strat training again nxt wk. for sure... i dont go to gym so no treadmill...

che'fara : hehe jom.. meh jom kita training sesama.. jom aaa... weh u masuk SJ10K tak??? jom aaa..

zebrallini said...

makan maggi pon high gak

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