My Birthday Wish

this has been delayed for so long. 3 weeks to be exact. hehe... funny thing is that i got lots of wishes this year, thanks to friendster. i didn't know they have a birthday reminder. i don't celebrate birthdays much... honestly boleh kira with 2 hands only my whole life. Maybe that's why i keep on forgetting my age or when my birthday is. Thanks for all the wishes. Really appreciate it :) My birthday wish this year is for more cats and dogs be adopted from SPCA. Please help our friends who can't talk for themselves. ok people, Roger and out!

My Birthday Wish My Birthday Wish Reviewed by princessren on November 07, 2006 Rating: 5


Jarri said...

idop liverpool.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mary! :)

A year older is a year wiser, that's what they all say (unless you had your wisdom tooth removed, then you can never be wise anymore, heh)

May all your wishes come true (Liverpool winning the league won't be happening this season though!)

princessren said...

jarri : YNWA indeed.. idup liverpool!!!! idup liverpool!!!

ally : thx ally :) i had my wisdom removed. sigh... my wishes? that wish dah long gone... but the season is getting better. Keep my fingers crossed.

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