A friendship ends

oh brother. i never see this coming. A friendship ends and nothing i can do about it. If what i did makes someone a better person, i have absolutely no regrets. Good bye and i hope you have a better life. I have so much problems, i don't have time to think about this... honestly, i don't need this right now... i really don't. christmas is on monday and i can't wait to go back. i wish i die soon...
A friendship ends A friendship ends Reviewed by princessren on December 19, 2006 Rating: 5


Amy said...

Dah la MAry, jgn pikir sangat. Enjoy your Christmas kay? Merry Christmas to you..

bola2api said...

holiday takkan nak sedih2 kot??

ppl move on n u should too..

take care! :)

fook said...

sometimes its better let him go,
if he is happy not be fren wit u,
let it be,
janji u never dint anything wrong,
happy kit mas ya!
enjoy time wit ur families,
i wish i can go home also...

bahan*kelabu said...

letting go is difficult but it has to be done.

new year is coming, so time for the new.

Anonymous said...

merry kismes bebeh, mwaahhh!

Anonymous said...

Have a happy Christmas Mary. I know it's silly to say this at a time of sorrow. But I'm sure this will pass and happiness will somehow find it's way back into your life.
..... Slowly but surely. So take care ya?

Anonymous said...

Please dont be so demoralised... All I can say is that friendship is hard to get and easy to lose...So plz try not to lose it

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