I'm feeling christmasy

At exactly 7.08am, December 2, 2006 : (alarm went off, or so i thought it was. Tengok handphone, it was Faie. Huh???)

Me : Faie???
Faie : weh. U kat mana?
Me : Arghhhhhh.. faie.. my alarm tak bunyi. Alamak... camner nih?
Faie : Ko takyah mandi. Bangun terus pakai baju, and terus keluar.
Me : ok ok ko tunggu aku yek.. 8 minit.

Supposed to meet faie at 7am and there i was still sleeping. Ok, i had a hard time sleeping that night. I just could not sleep. And i was a bit tired from cleaning the house because my mum is coming and i need to keep my room neat... haha. So promised 8 minutes, i changed to my running attire, get my gatorade, no time for breakfast, put on my shoe and i'm out the door... alamak, berus gigi... and went back to brush my teeth and washed my face... normally, if i jalan kaki to the nearest station, it would take me about 10 minutes. and Faie was there waiting at the next station which is even further. And i promised her 8 minutes... so u can really imagine me running like tsunami's wave was chasing me from behind.

Sorry lah faie. I was the 1 who iniated that we should start at 7.30 and by the time we arrived at Bukit Aman it was almost 8am.. Sorry lah geng.. it won't happen again. Promise.. hahaha... The 10K run was ok this week, improving than the previous week. The pace was slightly higher and we hope to increase our mileage by next week. Oh that reminds me, i have to register for the Great Eastern, pronto! but i'm still not sure whether to do 21K or 30K... rasa macam tamak pulak. hehe.. but i did 21K before and 30K is achievable i think. Janji Habis of course but with the long run on every weekends, i think i can do it. I have to. At least when i finish the 30K, then i know how i fare at KLIM. That's my goal, at least for now. Macam mana pun, i'm still undecided. But starting next year, i tak naklah main belasah je. Training kene cukup, timing kene bagus :)

Went to Boon Foo with coach Bacin after the run. I think the last time i was in a bike shop was 8 years ago? haha.. punyer lama. And damn, rasa teruja gila pulak nak beli basikal. Achievable, next month. Keep my fingers crossed.

Ahhh talking about my running shoe. My Avia shoe, maybe unheard of, you might see those in the Runners World magazine. Anyway, been running with my shoe for months now... some say that if u already run certain miles with the shoe, you should put it to rest, meaning it already achieve it's retirement age. Not yet for this shoe. I donno about other runners, but i go everywhere with this shoe that i grew to love so much. It gives me blisters in the beginning, and some almost heated sole, but i gave it a chance. Now, it felt like it's part of me. Maybe it is too much if i say that i even use it to work, mainly sebab nak lari in the evening. Erk, i nih pemalas giller kan. haha... anyway, my point here is that i'm glad i gave it a chance... I come to understand that it's not the shoe, or what brand that you're using, tapi the person who's using it. Ada hati nak buat, just do it. (ehem, ekceli, i cannot afford the things that other people have. hehe). So i make full use of what i have and do my best.

This morning was running with my cousin Cyrus (was here for the school holiday, along with my brother and other cousins). Last night, was asking him whether he wants to follow me running the next day, and he said ok.

Me : cyrus nak kurus tak?
C: nak.
Me : Esok kita lari.

So paksa him sleep with me, and what a bad decision that was. haha... i can't sleep because he snored like there's no tomorrow. Anyway, at 6.15am he was the 1 who woke me up. Bersemangat budak nih. hehe... So lari punyer lari, in the end i managed a 3K only sebab have to wait for him to keep up. But it was only his first time and my goal for his 2 weeks stay here is for him to shed at least 1kg.

Cyrus, the clown in the family, told me that during a confession session with a priest, he confessed that 'he always forgot to wear underwear', resulting in me giggling during the mass yesterday. He must've thought that is a deadly sin. Oh well, budak2. Biar jelah. haha... The entire family will be here by this weekend and the house is always full of laughter the whole week. Need to finish up all the works so that i can spend time with them.

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Anonymous said...

huhu.. rahsia sudah pecah.. MARY TAK MANDI PAGI hihihihi..

Anonymous said...

Confess lupa pakai underwear??!! WOI! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Aku gelak gila baca. Haha.

Anonymous said...

betul ke sempat berus gigi tu...?

bola2api said...

phew.. nasib baik mary gosok gigi :)

fook said...

mary sudah improve in run,
keep on run every weekend,
sure u can run GE30km,
all the best,

zebrallini said...

i think i can imagine mary tengah kalut ... hahahha ... its not very hard to do ekceli

mary ... nko buli eh cyrus tuh?

princessren said...

bacin : weh aku mandi pagi laaa but being punctual is more important to me nowadays... so kene sacrifice mandi :D

azman : can u believe that? i tried so hard not to laugh in the church... haha...

buncit : weh sempat laaa... mesti berus gigi... otherwise baik takyah keluar.

bola2api : hahahahaha pundek.

fook : weh thx. i still remember ur tips. do long runs on wknds... all the best to u too :)

zebra : yeah, like u've nvr seen me tak kalut. bully? macam ye jugakkan? tapi dia nih is like pak turut.. evrything yes.. so lari pun yes...

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