cat get your tongue?

missing my cats back home by now.. still not recovering from the fever, flu and the constant coughing. Sleeping with 2 blanket now... maybe that's the price for not being sick for so long, in 4 years that is. Yeah i was as healthy as an ox. I'm breathing with my mouth now and a box of tissue at the bedside. Thank God the ulcers are healing. And all that, thank you to the 10 biji durian yang ku makan sebelum christmas. Tulaa.. rakus sangat. hahaha... but it's all worth it... no 13 ulcers can prevent me from eating my aunty jacque's delicious mutton curry, my mum's pig intestine with pinepapple, the lemang, uncle cheong's herbal duck, etc etc... i didn't do any of my signature dishes this time around. Just help to cook the mix vege only. Sorry tiba2 i have this mind block all of a sudden... got to go back to bed.. . will write some more soon.. adios muchachos... i have tons of pics in 2 cds... so expect more entries with pics soon... arggh pening!!!

okay i'm back... my cousins were wondering how i can talk to the cats... honestly, i don't know really, when i see cats, these weird languages which i assume cats would understand come out from my mouth... something like "janinu, nyamou, janamou, mimu, brrrrr.... etc".. maybe i should come up with a cat dictionary.. but hey searching on the net, i found these interesting cat talk... will try it on ren, princess and abang later.

just got off the phone with someone from the pacesetter, enquiring whether i can still register for the Great Eastern 30K run... and damn it's full and they can't even spare 1 place for me.. now there goes my 1 month training. Shit, i should've given that form to Khairul last week... arggghhhhh... should i lari haram on that day itself? But then if i lari 20K tak dapat aper for what??? muaaaaa... maybe a good training for KLIM? See, it's the first week of 2007 and i'm running out of luck oredi... sigh... arggghhhh.. am i dreaming or what? maybe i should call them evryday sampai derang bosan and let me join the run.. i'll call again tomorrow... why can't they do things like the duahtlon management did? Can register on the day itself??? argghh tak puas hati.. aper nak buat ah? And u have the nerve to tell me that they have another run in May? so in the mean time aper i nak buat? ok ok sorry.. my fault... i'll figure out something by tomorrow...

at 6:40pm -> it's raining. that sucks big time... i got all that evryday back home. i need a hug :(

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princessren said...

oit.. i register thre 4 yrs ago lah. hahaha.. tapi jarang masuk..

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