The curious lots in the family...

hey, see what i read in the page 16 of weekender today in theStar. Weekend column of Katz Tales by Ellen Whyte. I swear that her cat, Scoop looks exactly like my Ren.

  • Cats are extremely contradictory because they are both curious and coutious.
  • If you are a cat, practically evrything in the world is bigger than you.
  • Cats are nature's gossips, working to know everything about evrybody. (i wonder if they ever gossip about me. The only person who can talk back to me is Abang. I just sure wish i can understand what he's saying tho...)
  • When you've been shopping, cats won't just take an inventory of the meat, fish and treats that they expect to see ontheir dinner plates, they will also inspect every other item in the bags, right down to the tomatoes, newspaper and receipts. (this is so true. They will inspect evrything in your plastic bag. All 3 will be around you when you take the stuff out from the bag... )
  • Everytime you step beyond the garden gate, your cat inspector will sniff your handbag and shoes carefully when you return, just so that they know where you've been. If you have spoken to other cats while you were out, they'll discover it immediately and sulk furiously until you promise not to do it again. (hmmm... not in my case though. Abang will be the first to greet me home and meowing loudly right at my face to fill his empty bowl. Maybe its true in Ren's case. She will either hide or just ignore me. Princess is busy with her babies nowadays. So can't help it there... so you can understand why, i pat every cats that crosses my path, everyday. I think they get used to it by now. I think they get bored or ignore to get furious with me. Hehe...)
  • As Au started life as an abused kitten, his cautious nature is stronger than his curious one. He's a tiger when investigating new things at home, but he's less interested in what other people are up to. (this is exactly Ren's case. She was rescued from a harsh condition in Petaling Street 2 1/2 years ago and that explained all that sometimes cold shoulder behaviour with the other cats)

But hey go and buy ur Star paper on Saturday. It's fun to read Katz Tales especially if you're a cat lovers. You will know more on why your cat behaves in such a way ;D Read the article next to it pulak. You should know that:

  • Cats hv some powerful senses that make them ideally designed to pick up info.
  • They have incredibly good hearing. Not only do they have 30 different muscles in their ears rather than six we have in ours, but they use more than a dozen muscles to move their ears in arcs of more than 180 degrees. In addition, they can move each ear independently. A cat can literally hear what is happening in fromt and behind at the same time! (If i have powers like those in Heroes hit tv series, I'll be known as the cat woman. Haha... hmm, come to think of it. If i'm a cat woman, i might be a burglar at night cum reporter during the day kinda person. Not so much of a heroes huh? Eh come to think of it, i will be a hero to the unprivileged people. i'll give those money to the poor. Hahahahaha.. sorry, i've watched to much cartoons i guess)
  • Cat hearing is also superior to ours. Their hearing range encompasses our own, and extends almost 2 octaves above ours. While dogs have a reputation for sensitive hearing, your average cat hears just as well you average dogs!
  • Cat vison isn't so great during the day, especially when it somes to distinguishing colours, but they make up for it at night.

ok. Enough lesson about cats for today. Enjoy your weekends ;D
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yipwt said...

i luv cats...but can't keep any for the time being..

princessren said...

yipwt : yeah i know what u meant. Keeping a cat means having them their whole life, meaning that you're responsible for their well-being. So if u happens or decide to keep 1 next time, bear that in mind ;D

Anonymous said...

We rescued a mother and her 2 kittens about half a year ago and now they've adopted us instead. We keep them outside the house in the porch as they're still very much starys (coming & going as they wish). Unfortunately the boy has been chased away by the other neighbourhood males. So now it's only the Mom & the daughter. They're very cute & have pleanty of character & personality. And yeah you're right... very, very kaaypohchee!

princessren said...

lawrence : i agree on 'they've adopted us instead' because thats what will eventually happened. Haha...

Gazard7 said...

Yah, agree on most of the lessons. But why everything in the world is bigger than me if i'm a cat? At least hamsters should be smaller right? :)

Ellen Whyte said...

Thanks for the endorsement! And hello Ren, Abang and Princess.

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