Happy Teachers Day

To all teachers today, it takes lots of guts and honour to have a profession like yours. All that burden on your shoulder, it's really not easy. I know. Heres a bouquet of flowers to honour all of you today :)

Gosh i miss the good old days. Teachers day is not a public holiday, but as far as i remember, back then, to me, its the 'no textbook day'. Haha.. because we will be out in the hall, doing performances for teachers. There'll be magic shows or dancing or singing. I'll always be in the cultural dance performances.

To all my previous teachers, Sister Odillia, Cikgu Catherine, Cikgu Razak, Mr. Wong, Cikgu Mary, Cikgu David, Cikgu Dickson, Miss Lim, Cikgu Les, Cikgu Patrick, Cikgu Helen, Cikgu Anda, Cikgu Jinang, Miss Kuek, Cikgu Michael, Cikgu Abdul, Pn. Liza, Cik Lily, Pn. Naimah, gosh my otak get so rusty now.. pls forgive me, i do remember all of u. Always in my heart. In fact i kinda miss all of you. Happy Teachers Day. From this naughty, yang banyak bercakap dalam kelas, yang selalu kene rotan and yang selalu kene hukum berdiri atas kerusi. All of you have always been nice. FYI, i'm doing just fine. To my mum, the most dedicated teacher, i love you always. I know it's not easy not doing what u like best since your retirement this year. Its time for you to take care of yourself :)
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