Was out, at Midvalley with my brother and his family last weekend. As usual, di mana ada pet shop, di situ lah saya akan berkunjung. Hehe... Pets Wonderland at Midvalley is the place you wanna be if u're a pet lover. I can spend hours inside there. As usual tengok the hamster cage, the cats and dogs, birds, the usual stuff and 1 thing really caught my attention. The Jerboa. Have you ever see this thing before? I know i havent. So there i was looking at the cage for half an hour, i think. Macam kangaroo pun ada. And at the end of the ekor macam bulu ayam. Badan macam rodent or maybe a bit of hamster look? Huhu.. i swear it looks like macam dicantum sana sini by some manic professor. So if you're in Midvalley next time, please do stop by to see this unusual animal, the jerboa. * click on the links to see interesting facts *

Anyway, tomorrow will bring Abang to clinic to spay/sunat. Kesian jugak i tengok dia but it's for his own good. Abang, malam nih puasa okay. Tuh yang i tak tahan tuh. Mesti compaint the whole malam tak dapat makan. Bukan reti nyer dia puasa. Tergolek sini, tergolek sana.. Haha. buat muka cute dia tuh. I must resist. I must resist. Abang kene puasa jugak malam nih.
Jerboa Jerboa Reviewed by princessren on May 15, 2007 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

huuu cian abang. kena make sure dia puasa tonite ok.

kalau abang buat muka cute, pakaikan topeng gaban tengah tahan berak kat muka dia

princessren said...

jaja: tu yg susah tuh. puasa. hehe.. meraung dia lapar kang. .esok i ambiq gambar byk2 kay.. i'll post it here.

bola2api said...

kau nak amik gamba dia potong anu ker?? EUWWWW

princessren said...

bola2api : memang aa nak ambiq. hari bersejarah aper. but anyway tak jadi today. Works got in a way again!!! most prolly next week. so tak jadi lah dia puasa semlm.

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