A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take ~ Cardinal Mermillod

It was an emotional afternoon for me yesterday watching The Way Home, a korean mother's day special movie on 8tv. It is such a simple movie, with a remote village as the main stage. The main actors are a spoiled city boy and an old, really old woman. The movie is obviously a tearjerker if you have a close relationship with your grandparents. Anyway, while reading the trivia on this movie, check this out:
The 78-year-old villager and non-actress 'Eul-boon Kim' had not only never performed in a movie before 'Jibeuro', but she had never before *seen* a film. She was found during an extensive talent search among real rural village people by director Lee Jeong-hyang to play the lead role of the stoic, heroic mute grandmother.
Dejavu huh? Something like the "God must be crazy" movie, where the actor is from a non-acting background. I like this kind of movie because then u can see the genuine expression. That boy from the city. There was 1 scene in the movie where he wanted a KFC. Aduh mak. Mana lah si nenek nak tahu apa itu KFC except knowing that the sign that the boy made is a chicken. SO she went out and find that chicken and steam it. The boy cried and scold the grandma because the chicken should be fried, not steamed. Aduh, sedih oo tengok citer camnih. And part yang nenek dia kene tinggal kat pekan tuh? huhu... arrghhhh sedih.

i was sad at how the boy treated his grandma. My relationship with my grandma was like that, but exactly the opposite. Its like di mana my grandma is, di situ lah saya ada. She taught me everything that i should know. Hehe... i remember potong rumput dari akarnyer the whole day... twice a year, before gawai and christmas. to us kids when we were small, its such a big hill okay. huhu. Seksa aaaa.. my grandma, me and my sister would shave the whole hill of grass. The idea is that if it grows again, it will grow slowly. So we won't have to go through all the hard work again. Another thing that she taught me is to how to cook the lemang and which bamboo is suitable to cook em. I think i watched all the P. Ramlee's movie with her. And also Fall Guy, a famous show back in the early 80s. Hehe... She also taught me how to cook when i was in primary school. I was a good kid. Was.. no pun intended. Haha... In fact, i think i learn a lot about life from her and i miss her so so much. So, sumuk, wherever u are, Happy Mother's Day. (ps: my grandma was awarded The Mother of the Year back in 1994. Will write about it some other time.)

Happy mother's mama. I'm very thankful for having you in my life. May your days be blessed with joy and kindness. I love you and take care always. I'll be seeing you end of this month ;)

And to all mothers, mother-to-be, single fathers, Happy Mothers Day. You are all special :)

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take ~ Cardinal Mermillod A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take ~ Cardinal Mermillod Reviewed by princessren on May 14, 2007 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

aku pun tengok cite 'the way home'. sedih siot

especially masa budak tu kejutkan nenek dia bangun malam2 buta just becoz nak soh nenek dia temankan dia pi toilet. then muka nenek dia sayu, inesen je

then, masa cucu dia tinggalkan nenek dia kat town. cian nenek dia jalan kaki all the way the back

huuu, i love my mom too

princessren said...

jaja : huhu. part tuh memang sedih. nenek dia tunggu gakkat luar tuh.. betapa sayang nyer nenk tuh kat cucu dia no matter what.

Whatever said...

Whoaaaaaa .... you look so much like your mother!

princessren said...

faie : funny thats the first time somebody said that i look like my mum.. hehe. normally and most of the time, they say my sis look like her :) i dont look like anybody ekcli, not even my dad. haha.

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