was watching greys anatomy, the part where they have to let go dr o malley's dad. The dad is suffering from cancer and in pain... terfikir balik, my dad didn't suffer. He didn't have to go through all the pain. He went just like that... no good byes, no last saying. it happened few years ago... as life goes by, going through day by day, i began to accept he's no longer part of my life anymore. He's in my heart, memories... gosh i still miss him so much. so papa, happy belated really belated father's day. you're always in my prayer... :(

ma, i work really hard. please be a lil bit patient with me.... just this yr. just this yr... the end.
ps: congrats (belated too) to stevie G and wife. Finally... i've been bz... somebody once say that its not funny anymore.
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Anonymous said...

be cool beb! ^_^ weh, call me when u free

princessren said...

jaja ok beb.. np ;D

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