Walking lamppost

This has been delayed for quite sometimes now... a month that is. Work related stuff. Hardly any time to update the blog anymore. Anyway, Abang dah officially kene spayed a.k.a sunat a month ago. So no more horny cats in the house, bunyi bising2 tengah malam nak minta diservis, mata2 kuyu dan kelakuan yg tak tentu arah - yeah right. Or so i thought lah!!! Here goes :


Muka minta kesian. On the way back home... meow meow dalam teksi. Driver teksi pun ketawa2. He has to wear the head cover so that he won't lick his wound. Doc's advise is for him to use that for 5 days. Baru berapa jam dia dah rimas i tengok. Yelah sapa tak rimas.


Sampai rumah, all the other cats hissed at him. Aduh kesian giller i tengok. Macam tak dikenali. Baru 1 hari takdek kat rumah. Yelah sapa yang nak kenal dengan orang macam lamppost. A walking lamppost that is. Tengok tuh. His favourite son, Abang Jr pun tak kenal dia. Huhu :(


See, the wives also didn't recognze him. Huhu :( What difference does a day make huh?


Kesian. Dengan muka sedih dia pergi ke hujung bilik and tidur kat situ keseorangan :(


Tak lama kemudian Abang try sekali lagi nak make friend with his son. Tapi apa kan daya, si anak masih tak kenal dia :( Who the heck are you???!!!!


Merata-rata dia tidur. No one asked him whether he's ok or not. Last2 malam tuh si Abang Jr approached him and licked his daddy's face. And the rest pun datang sama2 tengok daddy derang.


kene spay ke, earthquake ke, kene bom ke, he will still tidur mati in his favourite position.. hahahahaa. Anyway i'm glad that i finally sent him for spaying. Eventhough initially i have some doubts whether i should do so because i'm doing this without knowing he agrees or not to it. But after reading about all the benefits of spaying, especially the health benefit i gave it a go.

So after 1 day at home, the next night tuh, he meowed loudly macam biasa. WTF??!!!!! he's horny eventhough dah kene spay??? the next day cepat2 i call the clinic again. Apa nih? kene tipu ke? The doc said give him some times. A month at most. Sebab hormone dalam badan masih ada lagi. Kuat betul hormone si abang nih. Tengoklah size badan dia camner? hehe... ok takper .. 1 month sacrifice. ok lagiiii.

Changes after spaying : no more mata kuyu romantic anymore. Always that wide alert big eye... hehe. Bulu makin lebat especially kat tapak kaki.. panjang dan lebat. Bulu dekat telor dah tumbuh balik. Sihat walafiat giller dia nih. People say after spaying kucing akan jadi gemok. I tengok taklah gemok tapi makin besar adalah. There's a difference between makin besar and makin gemok okay. Almost everytime dia tidur, he's sleeping with his favourite position like the above. i have almost 100 pics of him sleeping like that. hahahahaha. Orang nyer makin lah penyayang. He has too much lovessss to give. Even i sometimes can't bear all the love. Too much of it gives me headache. hehe...


Every morning before work, he will sit on my lap. Si abang nak bagi bekal love banyak2 for the whole day. Seriously, thats how i feel. He does give lovessss to me every morning.


Last but not least, this was taken last night. Cuba teka kat mana i kene tidur? ok guys have a nice weekend. Stay safe... to those doing PD Tri all the best ;D

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Whatever said...

Kesian Abang.

Actually aku nak tergelak tengok dia tergolek sorang sorang tu.

aharis said...

Kawan kena sunat.. musti la lagi horny.

..anyway i miss my cats @kampung. already 4 generations, but that my late mom pets.

Nampak mcm kucing kampung.. right.

Unknown said...

mak ai banyak nye kucing on ur bed!!!!

Mak Su said...

terendak lampu terkini, casa impian pun kalah

Dangerous Variable said...

How horny can your cats be?

gravtkills said...

waves at abang

princessren said...

faie: hahahah i tergelak evertyime he does it. He's so comical.

aharis: dia dah kurang horny lah lepas sunat.. hehehe.. bukan sunat pun.. potong terus... yeah sumer kucing kpg.

wendy: yeah. mycats are sstaying with me nowadays.

mak su: hahahaaha.. tak terpikir pun.. lampu yg boleh berjalan sendiri..

dv: how horny? hmm after 7 kids .. how horny is that? hahah :P

gravtkills: he is waving back. hehe....

bola2api said...

aku rasa kau kena beli katil double-decker lak lepas ni.. just for the cats :)

kalo dah sunat, doesn't mean he's gay, right?

Gazard7 said...

Good for Abang! Many kuching you have there and they are all lovely!

princessren said...

bola2api : hahhaha betul tuh. i sayang giller kat derang. yeah he's gay lah kot.. tapi boleh horny lagi tuh.. punyer lah kuat hormon dia...

gazard : hehe i know. 10 of em...

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