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On our way to a friend's wedding...
Me: uish hensem nyer dia.. hehe (referring to this 1 big celcom's banner featuring steven gerrard. Somewhere near theSummit)
ET: Ish tak langsung lah. Hidung dia besar.
Me: Tak kira.. hensem jugak.
ET: dah lah kawin dengan minah tetek besar.
Me: hahahahaha... yelaaaa.. duit dah besar. Duit dah besar bende lain pun nak yang besar aper.. wakakakaka.

Sekian itu jelah my updates at this moment. Busy giller... Last weekend i saw all the major games involving Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, MU and Chelsea. And my say for the rest of the season - Ain't nothing to worry about lah!!! Boleh kaw tim punyer...

Sorry jaja no fitnes entry and the 10 yrs meme tuh nanti la i buat... no fitness coz no running for so long.. been busy. No more indons or banglas working on the highway sebab sudah siap. So no more psst pst when i walk to the lrt station. So aper nak takut lagi if i want to run early morning right? Plus my old shoe sudah berlobang and kene sumbat dengan tisu evertyime i wanna run. No problem, sudah beli kasut baru. So apa sebab tak lari? AKU MALAS.. senang citer.. hehe. So, meaning my next run after for so long akan rasa macam my first time running again. Sigh! Back to square 1. Serve me right!

In light of the recent bus tragedy, my condolences to the loved ones of the victims. Shocking news indeed because i thought few years ago the same thing happened. Few lifes claimed. Driver was at fault. And same thing -> Crackdown on errant drivers. Dejavu huh? Macam biasa, law will be implemented, blamings will be thrown here and there, but still the same thing happen. Evrything is in place perhaps, tapi enforcement je yang takdek. The issues has not been resolved. Seperti biasa. 50 years ago, we struggled for our independence. Now nampak nyer we have to free ourselves from the road demons. Lots of time i encounter those people yang bila masa kita nak lintas jalan, dia dari jauh lagi speeding sajer je macam nak langgar. Banyak kali. Nak buat camner. They are demons!

Random pictures :

lots of interesting local writers nowadays. Views on politics, education, macam mana nak kaya etc etc. Tengku Rithaudin pun dah keluar buku, tajuk "Skali Lagi". Mahal jugak laaa for a big font and tak setebal mana :P

Sigh baju baju. sekarang more on creative quotes on shirt. not about the design anymore. I paling benci baju "Support MU, Hate Liverpool".. hammpeeessss

Konot's wedding. U look so lovely dear. Congratulations & Best Wishes. So so happy for you.

terkejut aku tengok banner nih. haha!!! KFC plak tuh. Sorry i got to go now. Got an event to attend.

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Anonymous said...

just to make sure u keep on blogging...yes, yes...i do read and regularly check for jgn la malas hahahaha....btw, janjihabis apa crite???

Abu Soffian said...

Eh...when we can run together ha? Selalu I baca blog U je. Dah lama tak jumpa....

gus said...

Haiyah... terselisih pulak dah... I had to leave by 9.30pm that nite at konot's wedding.

bola2api said...

serious ke ada banner tu kat KFC? aku nak gi survey KFC le jap lagi haha.. just for laughs

Norliana Abdul Rahman said...

thanks for coming mary! u look same mcm 10 yrs dulu.. awet muda beb!

pjoe said...

man yoo
another draw!
kah kah kah!

Jaja Shah said...

haih another excuse, NO, no second chance, hihi

weh amik le gambar pakai dress tu, nak tengokkk

- G O R O - said...

Kami mahu TORRES @ EL-NINO.

Katakan xnak pada Voronin dan juga penjaring gol yang bukan dari kalangan striker yang beli mahal tue.


Anonymous said...

woit, dialog ko salah. Ko yg ckp minah tu tetek besar. Steven gerrard sapa pon aku tak kenal...tipu tipu :p

princessren said...

z : tq 4 checking out my blog... try my best to update it... i kene rajin kerja sebab nak beli beskal beb.. kang kita bleh cycle to PD. hahaahahaa... janjihabis nxt yrlah... byk plan 4 it ;D

abu : itulaaa.. my stamina dah tahap 0 skang nih... i thnk by nxt mth i kene join in races again.. just to keep me running. otherwise...

agus : oh man.. u left at 9.30? we were thre at exactly 9.30. ooo nxt time then :) u crash je wedding si sadry. i c u thre...

bola2api : betul aini. itu sudah ada proof.. maybe org dirty minded oops i mean otak yg berfikiran creative je yg boleh catch these kinda thing huh? :P

konot : tq tq.. u also laaa konot. thre's none watsoever changes on u too :)

nezjoe : hehehehe suka nyer dia... esok kita lwn chelsea. our team is ready. i'm ready. i thnk tmrw''s game will determine how we fare for the rest of the season.. dont u thnk so too?

dancing ciken : heheheeh no worry beb. i wont quitt.. cuti sekejap je nih ;D weh dress aper yg ko cakap nih? *blur*

- g o r o - : hahahah terlambat. we got him first... worth all the money.

et : hahhaaha u got me thre. but we did had the conversation. ooo i din realize u din know him.. hahhahah i assume je. i remember we mention something besar.. it must be me then :P

Butaseni@Wan Raja said...

uih ramainya penyokong liverpool dalam ni,rasa keseorangan aku.

princessren said...

butaseni : tak ramai sebenar nyer.. kalu diikutkan i dgn pjoe je. hahahaha.. plus lily and 2 more others... yg ramai nyer liverpool haters je :P hehe...

Anonymous said...

Hey Dixie Chicks! I like that song. Powerful song.
Don't know why so many americans still support that Moron-In_Chief. Not only the worst American President ever but in the the running for the worst human being ever as well. Bloody war monger.

princessren said...

lawrence : the supporters are especially strong in the state of Texas, which explain why most of their radio stations din want to play their songs when that incident happened. Looks like we have to wait next yr for the new president. And that, we have to wait and see if he/she can fix the oredi worsen situations... sigh.

princessren said...

and i guess it's too late.. toooo late to make it right. Millions died. the only peace that we can have or the only possible peace in this world is that if people be able or willing to forgive.. that's all i think.

Anonymous said...

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