May i introduce the Rebel

2 weeks... 2 wekes to fisinh all my wroks. No mtater waht. If it has to be 24 hrous... so let it be. Extihauson, Sstres, the Tsionens, the Mereng, the csonnatt hegnur, the hdaaeches, the bclak pdnaa eeys, the gsatcirs, cmoe to mama ... so let it be. For I, princessren, atefr the 2 weeks wlil sit on the bceah semowhre in Pihilpnenis, spipnig ccoklaits... MUAHAHAHAHAAHA...

4:04am Can't sleep. Lucky i don't hv astro... otherwise i wont be sleeping at all... i'll keep on switching through all the channels -front and back. the radio stations included. i'm such a tv-holic and why the hell i was born active at nite like this? oh and thx to the mild insomnia, from changing the template, i have lost all the links. GArrrggghhhh... Nway, i'll have to install that ASTRO soon... malas giller aaa turun tgk bola kat mamak pukul 3 pagi camnih.. That will be the top of my list b4 the final CL in Moscow.... hahahhaaa.. confident siak... my cats are sleeping all over the bed and my eyes are still wide awake. What shud i do next huh??? Growling stomach... browsed through all the possible sites that i know of... all the existence.. all the videos... aduh bak kuk moh mabuk. oklah. moh yak boos tiak. shit toin kuk pilai... mokat pukul 8 odi kroja... 4 jam ... sukup leh mok yak boos. kroja bakok :(

eh, biller MU main ek???
dah main ek? shit, menang... arggghhh... next round will be tougher for all teams... i think i cracked my biological clock. Hmmm maybe i should google 'how to sleep well'... who'll ever guess that sleeping is a learning process... haha. Ez, stop thinking and have a dry dream. Gd nite y'all. and have a nice sunrise. i know i hv to be sitting under a waterfall to be fresh in 5 hours time... wacky!!!

hmm.. maybe i shud check who's online at YM and gmail... then, i go to sleep... last thing to do. Great. Nobody. Sleep i will... Hv to stop Going Loco on Meself...

5 am :
how the hell to have a flat stomach like that huh?

5:30 am :
looking at the stats, i hv a feeling that my colleagues are trying to find me on the net... well, good luck guys... but if u're here oredi, Hola mi amigos and fyi, i hv absolutely nothing to hide. haha...
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Jawa Troxion 2 said...

you need


Takpak Marik. Nantik, udah dapak pegi filipik, jangan lupak belik akuk souvenierek :)

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