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Was talking to a friend, jawa from


Alfian: mary plz wake up and stop sleeping :'(
Princess: hehe
tgh tgk ur blog
Alfian: hahaha. okie
ni aku nye new project utk menambah knowledge
anyway... u running anywhere in any events nowadays?
Princess: tak
rasa dah tak nak lari laaa
weh aku tgh belajar menjana $$$ dari internet nih
Alfian: thru which program?
Princess: siap dah bukak paypal
Alfian: ookies
Princess: byk lagi program lain ekcli
ko tgk blog aku tuh
tgh buat research lagi
Alfian: dari link tu, basically what I understand is to put relevant text ads on yer website :)
Princess: u can earn like 500usd per mth
but kene rajin laaaa
yeah true
u put 1 ad u dpt 3USD
Alfian: yeps. But mary.. one thing... dont get motivated by the numbers first. I mean the USD500 per month
Princess: lama2 jadi byuk le tuh
i knowwww
Alfian: get the basics straight first
Princess: u dah lama buat kan?
Alfian: bukan apa... I am speaking from experience.
Princess: hows ur experience?
Alfian: this thing needs stamina and also consistency :)
Princess: i know
Alfian: hehehehehe...
Princess: so far u dpt berapa from all this?
Alfian: but i know u have all that :D So u are geared for success :)
U mean adsense?
hahahahaha... aku nye website (blog) for one thing... tak ada the basics to generate traffic... let alone $$$
Princess: adsense reject aku laaa
Alfian: asal dia reject?
dia cakap aku nyer site takdek traffic sgt
yelaaaa dah lama aku tak update
Alfian: okes
Princess: malaysia punyer
Alfian: well... one tip I can give U... which I learnt from an expert :)
Princess: cant get much but thres something
Alfian: cuma aku tak apply
Princess: aper dia?
Alfian: well... its basic knowledge. but most people want the short cut. aku tak la kata kau nak short cut tapi :P
basically... to generate a comfortable income online... U need... firstly.. Good Traffic. This means... a loyal 'customer' base :) Or lebih tepat... 'loyal surfers to yer website'
logic x? logic rite?
And basically.... to make more sense... your website has to be geared towards a particular niche... or theme :) macam "Mary's running blog"... something like Wawa's Runners High.. (cuma dia nye content bercampur aduk... which is not good to be profitable :P)
Princess: mg logic
Alfian: ok? U with me?
Princess: aku ingat aku nak focus on US neyr traffic
Alfian: lor
Princess: get ppl fr US to come to my site and buy
Alfian: ok ok. apa apa la
Princess: bcoz derang yg giller ecommerce nih
IMO laaa
Alfian: which brings me to the next question :) which should not be the main question yet... but still i want to ask :)
apa yg kau nak jual?
Princess: kalu byk traffic but takdek org click pun wont get anywhre
Alfian: EXACTLY :D hehehehe. kalau tarfic banyak... takde orang click.. then what for ritee?
Princess: as an affiliates
Alfian: ok. clickbank..commision junction semua tu.. tunggu dulu
like I said... dont let the $$$ be the main concern at first
Princess: ok
Alfian: do it right the first time... and then the $$$ will insyaAllaah come :)
meh aku citer tips tu terus la
Basically... like I said... U need a profitable business idea :) On the web, that means a good theme or niche... yang IDEALLY... demand tinggi, but supply rendah :DBut of course, deman tinggi supply rendah is hard to come by... sebab most of our ideas are already implemented on line :D
Princess: ok
Alfian: hehehehe.
Princess: cool :)
Alfian: anywayz... there is insyaAllaah. alwayz a niche for you
So... basically... get that one first...
Princess: true
tq 4 the tips :)
Alfian: A niche yg buleh generate potentially HIGH traffic.... yang orang mmg cari :)
Princess: tapi honestly u ada dpt fr the net tak so far?
Alfian: ada lagiii... tak abis lagi ni. U can go somewhere else first thou. sebab panjang ni :P
Princess: ok
am lsitening
Alfian: USD kat Adsense aku baru ' ' dollar gitu.
ok back to the tips
so ... get a niche (there's a way to find this thru keyword search. Vertical and Lateral keyword searching...)
using tools such as Wordtracker... Yahoo keyword tool (dulu la). Google Keyoword tool etc :)
anwyayz... lets say kau dah dapat a profitable theme :)
then U go on from there....
Bila dah ada theme.... and its profitable... it wont be any good if your website is tongong... and content cam hampeh!!!!
So the next step is to produce GOOD CONTENT! Content that will be found when people Google for a term :)
Princess: ic ic
Alfian: e.g. aku nak carik cara2 terbaik utk bina badan... :D
I will google : How To Build Six Pack Abs
So... now... how do you make sure... bila orang key in that search term... they will land on yer website :D
betul tak? ANSSWER MEEE!!!!!
hahahahah :P
this can also be learned... and can be achieved using the right tools....
okes.... so the main idea now (after getting the profitable niche)... is to genererate GOOD content... so that when people search on the net... your website will be at least in the top 20 in either Google, Yahoo, Altavista, MSN etc :)
Princess: hehe
Alfian: okes...
ada lagi
japs :)
Princess: so u will earn $$$ when ppl click on ur link?
Alfian: sabarr!!!
ish. nak duit je...
content generation is important :)
lepas dah ada content. and kau dah atur content supaya orang akan jumpa website kau ... all u need now is traffic :D
BUT NOT THE $$$$$$ YET!!!! X(
geberate LOYAL tarffic first....
Princess: ic ic
Alfian: Loyalty goes a long way
Princess: ok
Alfian: ic ic... mata dok nampak $$$ je tu X-(
hahahahah :P
Princess: hehe
Alfian: lepas kau dah tengok website kau dah berjaya dapat good traffic for a consistent amount of time... then you put in your monetization engines :) which can be adsense... affiliate products..... depending on kau nye niche la :)
So... kalau kau tengok.. its a stratergy.... tak la GUARANTEE effects... but it will greatly increase the chances of getting that monetization engine going :)
Sebab... ok :) Ni contoh...
kata la kau nye website pasal Langkawi Island. And after maybe 6 months down the road (lepas buat keyword search, niche selection, content development etc)....
kau dah generate a comfortable following :)
dah ramai orang lawat website kau :)
and your content is... so good and honest... that people come because of that (which shud be the case :P) e.g. (content cantek... tapi design mak datuk!!! but see... good content :D more references... more visitor)
Bila dah ada more visitors... the chances of sealing the deal... is higher.. tui tak?
so, basically, those are the tips :D
Princess: ok
Alfian: thats why aku cakap... dont look at the $$$ first
Princess: hehe
Alfian: sebab.... you will DEFINITELY FAIL if $$$$$ is the one kau consider dulu
macam kau kata... CAN MAKE USD500 per month!!! Fulamaak
but u dont even know wwhere the $$$ is coming from yet :)
dont know whther aku dah pernah kasik kau benda ni ke tak... :D
Princess: tak lagiii
wats that?
Alfian: this is a labor of love... and this very2 young girl is generating a comfi level of income that will pay her thru college.. as well as maybe buy here a C class merc :)
Princess: wow
Alfian: pergi la tengok.... mmg tak akan sama ngan program2 yg we are so used to hearing about (Google adsense optimization lah... adwords optimization programs la... affiliate mumbo jumbo lah).....
Dan kau kena ingat... the main thing about selling is getting people to your 'shop' :D kalau kat dunia sebenar... its LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION :D
Princess: yeah
Alfian: But online its.... TRAFFIC TRAFFIC TRAFFIC.. and of course.... your 'shop' kena la ada the right products (i.e. content). :D
and lepas tu, pilih la monetizaton yg sesuai (either adsense, afiliate, your own products... etc)
So... if ure really interested... all this tip aku dapat dari satu pakej aku beli dulu. but becuz aku ni hampeh dari sudut displin... aku tak continue. hahahaha!
goto of course in the end kena beli... but I think kalau ikut bebetul, insyaAllaah buleh dapat side income.... :D
dah. DONT WASTE MY TIPS! Penat aku tulis tau. hahahaha!
all for you... :D kekekekekekkekekeke
kalau kau masuk telinga kiri keluar telinga kanan... mmg aku karate kau.... I will hunt you down in KL.... then I will get you!!! X-( hua hua hua! Of course, maybe well have dinner first. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
okes. aku nak buat kerja :D dah habis sesi break aku :D
bye byeee :D

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