Running Misery

Sigh... Maybe i should've change the title of this blog to something else because i just don't feel like running anymore. Long gone are the days when i wake up at 6 am, sometimes as early as 5 to run around the park. Eating those healthy cheese bread every morning. Buying those running magazines (mahal weh, RM21)... maybe now i can save more yeah. Hehe... Oh the shoes and the running attires. When u try to have a hobby or feel like you want to do something, there's no such thing as no $$$ spend ok. Same with running.

So, how long i didn't run u might ask? hmm... gosh, i dont even know when now. Maybe close to 2 years now? Just just don't ask why ok. It just strucked me 1 day that ok today i decided i won't run for some reason (most probably the lazy bug) and somehow, the same thing goes from day to day until now. Anyway i make full use of my running shoe, walking some distances to a shopping complex when i needed to (since i'm not driving).

Whole of last year I gained close to 10kg. It was a roller coaster hell of a ride. My mum keep saying how big my ass is. The only thing is that i gained weight but i have never change my wardrobe. So, u can imagine how ketat sendat all my clothes wud be when i'm wearing them ok. I'm just not into buying new things. Just like that ... no running, im gaining weight and i'm happy :) LOL... I have never feel so good about myself. Well, of course except for the mid section. Maybe taking that belly dancing class would do the trick. Hehe... sudah angan2 more of that sexy curves. Honestly, after gaining this few kilos, there are certain 'gaining' that i don't want to lose ... and with running u won't know which part will be losed. That's all.

So, people this year is a whole lot of new adventures. It never hurt to try new things and it certainly wont hurt to let go some of the things that u do :)
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Anonymous said...

sexy curves..wish i can have tat too ;)

princessren said...

hahhahahaa.. i bet u do have those :)
u sounds familiar. I saw ur blog and the stuffs that u sell online.. cool!

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