Spirit Healing

There are few things in my house - like the bear claw and beads necklace that we use during the traditional dances, the beautiful motives on our garments... why we dance in such a way. What are we dancing to? To celebrate the harvest and ... what or who do we used to worship and why? All these just to discover my roots and to be proud of what i am.

According to the native americans teaching, all the things that they do are the ways of living harmoniusly with the Mother Earth. For example, when they killed a bear, they will make necklaces from the claw to honour their strength and courage. So, i was wondering if that is the same with my ancestors. Interesting...
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fonsusz said...

i wonder what super power i get after i killed a 'doot' and kept the 'bobot'?

Anonymous said...

fonsusz : it gives u super power... hahhahaaa. nah, its all in the mind :P

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