RIP Sabrina Yeap

A tribute to Sabrina Yeap, an angel to all furry friends. For what you have done tirelessly.. what you did to all these furry friends without asking anything in return.. all your sacrifices... without knowing that you're having leukimia... you're indeed an angel on earth. May you now rest in eternal peace with all the angels, praying, looking down at us,  that someday, dogs and cats in Malaysia will have justice and good treatment that they deserve. Amen
RIP Sabrina Yeap RIP Sabrina Yeap Reviewed by princessren on July 18, 2012 Rating: 5

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Anonymous said...

hi Mary. baru nak tgk ur blog after so long. good to know ur updating it !! yeah, read about sabrina yeap. RIP. lets hope more people like her will surface!! p.s. hope all ur cats are doing good !!

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