Gawai 2020 with Liverpool Legends

Liverpool Legends, Robbie Fowler & John Barnes celebrating Gawai at a longhouse in Sarawak. Gawai Dayak is an annual festival celebrated by the Dayak people in Sarawak, Malaysia and West Kalimantan, Indonesia on 1 and 2 June. It is a public holiday in Sarawak and is both a religious and a social occasion recognised since 1957. Gawai celebration is a symbol of unity, aspiration and hope for the Dayak community. It is an integral part of Dayak social life. It is a thanksgiving day marking a bountiful harvest and a time to plan for the new farming season or other endeavours ahead. Source : Sarawak have 30 ethnic groups celebrating Gawai. Here are some of the different ways of wishing Gawai Dayak. Iban - 'Selamat Ngintu Hari Gawai Dayak' Bidayuh - 'Silamat Andu Gawai Dayak' Kayan - 'Selamat Dau Gawai Dayak' Kenyah - 'Selamat Tau Gawai Dayak' Kelabit - 'Doo Adto Irau Dayak' Berawan - 'Selamat Enchiew Gawai Dayak' Saban - 'Selamat Siew Gawai Dayak' Lun Bawang - ' Do Aco Irau Dayak' Bisaya - 'Selamat Nyambut Adau Gawai Dayak" Melanau - 'Selamat Lau Gawai Dayak' Penan - 'Jian Dau Gawai Dayak' #gawai2020 #gawaidayak #sarawak
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