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Peppermint Essential Oil

It has been a while. I don't have the nick for blogging for quite sometimes. Everytime I tried to go back to write something, I just stopped half way and tried my best to keep busy on something else. So here I am at it, trying my best to talk about something that i'm very interested in just recently, which is DIY all beauty stuffs - be it shampoo, liquid soap, moisturizer etc etc.

It all started with testing on the natural exfoliation scrub for my skin. I simply combined fine sugar with lemon 🍋. I rubbed it on my hands initially. Surprisingly, it felt so smooth and my skin looked a bit brightened. Obviously because lemon has that natural bleaching abilities. Sugar scrubs hydrate, moisturize, and exfoliate the skin. So from there, i tried it on my feed, legs and all over my body, including my face. Don't rub too abrasively on your face. Just be gentle on that part of the skin. Since then, i'm doing this once or twice a week. I'm using organic liquid soap as well. Will write about that some other time. 

So how much of sugar and lemon should you use? No specific measurement to be honest. Just mix sugar and lemon (enough to cover the sugar). Just be careful if this irritate your skin. If it does, please stop and look for other alternatives. YOU SHOULD KNOW YOUR SKIN 😊

I also started on this journey as i noticed a lot of daily stuffs that i'm using have lots of chemicals that i'm not sure of. Look at your shampoo or your facial wash now. What do you see in the ingredients? Im not sure about you, but it's a wake up call for me, at least 😳

Will be writing more on this as i'll be testing more on the DIY beauty stuffs. Follow my journey and I hope that it will help to find your peace too 😘

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