The fear of enclosed spaces... very good example, stuck in a lift. Last friday, my colleague, Niza stuck in the lift for at least 10 mins, in the DARK. Now, that sounds scary right? for me it does because first, i don't like small spaces. second, i'm a cat. hehe.

I received a frantic call at around 10 am. Niza, was crying for help. I rushed downstair to get help from the guard which after 10 minutes later, seems not doing anything about it. After a while, i was so mad that i went and scold him at the mamak stall, for just sitting there and not doing anything about it.

"sabar cik. nanti lift tuh akan gerak sendiri laaa".. wtf. my friend stuck in there for more than 10 minutes now in the dark and you say sabar? so, i lied to him that my friend had asthma and what if she died in there? still no reaction from him. but then Niza called me, saying that she is all right now. The door opened after she kicked it so hard.

Ok. i admit it. I was panicked. What if it's me? I mean... the first thing that came into my mind was that 1 scene from the movie "The Eye". U know the scene where the girl is in the lift and there is 1 old man behind her? The scariest thing about it is that the man's feet is not on the ground.. muaaaaaaaaaa..... scary huh? oh pls God. Don't let me stuck in a lift.. EVER. pls? erm.. but if it does eventually happen, let there be some handsome guys in there with me.. hehe

Oh and this is what i'm going to write about tomorrow. Since i'm very rajin today.. tomorrow i'll write something else plak. ok.. tq for reading.
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