* sigh *

sigh.. the total is 365 signatures at 2pm today and it's still is now, at 3.36pm. oh well. now, how do i convince all the bloggers in Malaysia to put up the SPCA petition banner on their site?

Emailed all my old friends, new friends, relatives, president Bush (hehe), the UMNOs, PAS, all the emails on the net. And also friends on my YM list. OMG i'm turning into a spammer... haha. It's for a good cause.. hope nobody is suing me. But to those who haven't sign yet, pls do so. pls, i beg u.

The online petition is only 7 days old (started on 3 sept 05).. but why am i worried that we can't get 100,000 signatures by next year?
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