what is love?

hmm... Love will find a way Love will find a way I believe that there’sa way If you want it to Will love find a way Love will find a way Will love find a way...

Great grandma and 40-year-old tie the knot

A 71-YEAR-OLD great grandmother and her 40-year-old boyfriend got married
after living together for a year in Singapore, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Qiu Jin Bao, in recalling her first encounter with her bridegroom
Mokhtar, said he came to her help after she had fallen in the compound of a flat
about two years ago.

Since then, she said, Mokhtar, who lives in a unit on the second floor
of the same block, would help to carry her groceries up to her unit on the sixth

Six months later, Mokhtar moved into Qiu’s house after getting the
permission of Qiu’s children, the report stated.

Qiu, a Muslim convert, said they still had a “healthy physical
relationship” despite her advanced age.

Mokhtar looked at it this way – that it was good to have a wife 31
years his senior “as other men would not woo Qiu”.

“I never had any relationship with women before meeting Qiu. I hope to
start a family with her,” he said.

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