This is a magazine cover of John Lennon, obviously naked posed with full clothed Yoko Ono. The cover had been ranked the top magazine cover of the last 40 years by a panel of magazine editors, artists and designers. erm. i donnolah. Looks distasteful to me, more of a turn-off.

Well, nak cerita nih. I actually saw this magazine when i was a kid. It was my uncle’s. Just saw the front cover, that’s it. I didn’t get to flip through it as my uncle quickly took it from my hand. sigh. but honestly, i thought it was a snake. Now come to think of it, it does looks like a snake, kan? A snake curled around a dead tree. haha. no offence to the Yoko’s fans out there, yeah? ok. hope y’all had a nice weekend. sigh. deadline.. deadline.. deadline